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17.09.2012 15:26 - Scientific and technologycal News on RENEWABLE ENERGY - August 2012
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Scientific and technologycal News on RENEWABLE ENERGY - August 2012

Photovoltaic Technology Conversion, Solar Thermal Applications, Biomass Conversion,

Wind Energy Technology, Energy Conservation in Buildings, Geothermal, Wave and Tide, Ocean Thermal Energies


1    Directionality in prospective Northern UK tidal current energy deployment sites - S.F. Harding, I.G. Bryden

2    A critical-analysis on the development of China hydropower - Zhao Xingang, Liu Lu, Liu Xiaomeng, Wang Jieyu, Liu Pingkuo

3    Modeling of multi-junction solar cells for estimation of EQE under influence of charged particles using artificial neural networks  - Jagdish C. Patra, Douglas L. Maskell

4    The economic, environmental and strategic value of biomass- Patrнcia Carneiro, Paula Ferreira

5    Spatio-temporal assessment of dust risk maps for solar energy systems using proxy data- Yassine Charabi, Adel Gastli

6    A new control strategy for small wind farm with capabilities of supplying required reactive power and transient stability improvement- Mehdi Samiei Sarkhanloo, Ahmad Sadeghi Yazdankhah, Rasool Kazemzadeh

7    Energy performance evaluation of a demo solar desiccant cooling system with heat recovery for the regeneration of the adsorption material - Marco Beccali, Pietro Finocchiaro, Bettina Nocke

8    Design of wind farm layout using ant colony algorithm- Yunus Eroğlu, Serap Ulusam Seзkiner

9    A robust LMI-based pitch controller for large wind turbines- H.M. Hassan, A.L. ElShafei, W.A. Farag, M.S. Saad

10    Generic maximum power point tracking controller for small-scale wind turbines-

Pages 72-79 M. Narayana, G.A. Putrus, M. Jovanovic, P.S. Leung, S. McDonald

11    Wind farm land suitability indexing using multi-criteria analysis- Pages 80-87

Sultan Al-Yahyai, Yassine Charabi, Adel Gastli, Abdullah Al-Badi

12    Study on the flooding phenomena and performance enhancement of PEM fuel cell applying a Concus-Finn condition- Pages 88-98

Seong Ho Han, Nam Hyeon Choi, Young Don Choi

13    Integration of PV power into future low-carbon smart electricity systems with EV and HP in Kansai Area, Japan- Pages 99-108

Qi Zhang, Tetsuo Tezuka, Keiichi N. Ishihara, Benjamin C. Mclellan

14    Are public policies towards renewables successful? Evidence from European countries- Antуnio Cardoso Marques, Josй Alberto Fuinhas

15    Developing renewable energy supply in Queensland, Australia: A study of the barriers, targets, policies and actions- Nigel J. Martin, John L. Rice

16    Using electrical analogy to describe mass and charge transport in PEM fuel cell- P. Noiying, M. Hinaje, P. Thounthong, S. Raлl, B. Davat

17    Interactions between the physical soil environment and a horizontal ground coupled heat pump, for a domestic site in the UK- Raquel Garcia Gonzalez, Anne Verhoef, Pier Luigi Vidale, Bruce Main, Guogui Gan, Yupeng Wu

18    On-site or off-site renewable energy supply options? Life cycle cost analysis of a Net Zero Energy Building in Denmark- Anna Joanna Marszal, Per Heiselberg, Rasmus Lund Jensen, Jesper Nшrgaard

19    Comparative life cycle assessment of thermal energy storage systems for solar power plants- Eduard Orу, Antoni Gil, Alvaro de Gracia, Dieter Boer, Luisa F. Cabeza

20    The levels of awareness about the renewable energy sources of university students in Turkey- Yelda Karatepe, Seзil Varbak Neşe, Ali Keзebaş, Mehmet Yumurtacı

increase the awareness levels of university students were described.

21    An economic assessment of tropical cyclone risk on offshore wind farms- Lixuan Hong, Bernd Mцller

22    Synchronization of DFIG output voltage to utility grid in wind power system- Ahmed G. Abo-Khalil

23    Direct fermentation of newspaper after laccase-treatment using yeast codisplaying endoglucanase, cellobiohydrolase, and β-glucosidase- Akihito Nakanishi, Kouichi Kuroda, Mitsuyoshi Ueda

24    Strategies for stable anaerobic digestion of vegetable waste- Y. Jiang, S. Heaven, C.J. Banks

25    Design of isolated hybrid systems minimizing costs and pollutant emissions- Abdel-Karim Daud, Mahmoud S. Ismail

26    Evolutive design of ARMA and ANN models for time series forecasting- Juan J. Flores, Mario Graff, Hector Rodriguez

27    Fluidized bed combustion of residues from oranges’ plantations and processing-

Despina Vamvuka, Stelios Sfakiotakis, Manolis Kotronakis

28    Optimal extraction of solar cell parameters using pattern search- M.F. AlHajri, K.M. El-Naggar, M.R. AlRashidi, A.K. Al-Othman

29    A dynamic voltage model of a fuel cell stack considering the effects of hydrogen purge operation- Yongping Hou, Caoyuan Shen, Zhihua Yang, Yuntang He

30    Computer-aided design of horizontal axis turbine blades- F. Pйrez-Arribas, I. Trejo-Vargas

31    Performance of a 100 kW wind turbine with a Variable Ratio Gearbox- John F. Hall, Dongmei Chen

32    Effect of non-standard operating frequencies on the economic cost of offshore AC networks- Josй Luis Domнnguez-Garcнa, Daniel J. Rogers, Carlos E. Ugalde-Loo, Jun Liang, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt

33    Energetic performance analysis of a solar photovoltaic cell (PV) assisted closed loop earth-to-air heat exchanger for solar greenhouse cooling: An experimental study for low energy architecture in Aegean Region- Ahmet Yıldız, Onder Ozgener, Leyla Ozgener

34    Optimum load management strategy for wind/diesel/battery hybrid power systems-

Juan M. Lujano-Rojas, Clбudio Monteiro, Rodolfo Dufo-Lуpez, Josй L. Bernal-Agustнn

35    Quantifying the global wave power resource- Kester Gunn, Clym Stock-Williams

36    Complementary biodiesel combination from tung and medium-chain fatty acid oils-

Yi-Hung Chen, Jhih-Hong Chen, Yu-Min Luo

37    Short-term power forecasting system for photovoltaic plants- L. Alfredo Fernandez-Jimenez, Andrйs Muсoz-Jimenez, Alberto Falces, Montserrat Mendoza-Villena, Eduardo Garcia-Garrido, Pedro M. Lara-Santillan, Enrique Zorzano-Alba, Pedro J. Zorzano-Santamaria

38    Assessment of array shape of tidal stream turbines on hydro-environmental impacts and power output- Reza Ahmadian, Roger A. Falconer

39    Hydrodynamic optimization of an axisymmetric floating oscillating water column for wave energy conversion- R.P.F. Gomes, J.C.C. Henriques, L.M.C. Gato, A.F.O. Falcгo

40    A novel switched power filter-green plug (SPF-GP) scheme for wave energy systems- Emre Ozkop, Ismail H. Altas, Adel M. Sharaf

41    Addressing failure rate uncertainties of marine energy converters- Philipp R. Thies, George H. Smith, Lars Johanning

42    Numerical investigations on a pressurized volumetric receiver: Solar concentrating and collecting modelling- Y.L. He, Z.D. Cheng, F.Q. Cui, Z.Y. Li, D. Li

43    Development of a simulation model of biomass supply chain for biofuel production-

Fengli Zhang, Dana M. Johnson, Mark A. Johnson

44    Social license and consultation criteria for community wind projects- Kenny Corscadden, Adam Wile, Emmanuel Yiridoe

45    Present and future offshore wind power potential in northern Europe based on downscaled global climate runs with adjusted SST and sea ice cover- Idar Barstad, Asgeir Sorteberg, Michel dos-Santos Mesquita

46    Flexible design of a pico-hydropower system for Laos communities- Silvia Vicente, Hans Bludszuweit

47    Simplified site-screening method for micro tidal current turbines applied in Mozambique- Linus Hammar, Jimmy Ehnberg, Alberto Mavume, Francisco Francisco, Sverker Molander

48    Performance evaluation of energy efficient lighting associated with renewable energy applications - Allison N. Sperber, Andrew Curtis Elmore, Mariesa L. Crow, Jeffrey D. Cawlfield

49    Impact of time interval on the Еngstrцm-Prescott coefficients and their interchangeability in estimating radiation - Mao-Fen Li, Li Fan, Hong-Bin Liu, Wei Wu, Ji-Long Chen

50    Local installation methods for low head pico-hydropower in the Lao PDR - J. Susanto, S. Stamp

51    An overview of small hydropower development in Lesotho: Challenges and prospects - B.M. Taele, L. Mokhutšoane, I. Hapazari

52    Design of a unique direct driven PM generator adapted for a telecom tower wind turbine - S. Eriksson, H. Bernhoff, M. Bergkvist

53    An exergy based unified test protocol for solar cookers of different geometries -

Naveen Kumar, G. Vishwanath, Anurag Gupta

54    Pilot-scale anaerobic co-digestion of municipal biomass waste: Focusing on biogas production and GHG reduction - Xiao Liu, Xingbao Gao, Wei Wang, Lei Zheng, Yingjun Zhou, Yifei Sun

55    Further investigation of empirically derived models with multiple predictors in estimating monthly average daily diffuse solar radiation over China - Huashan Li, Xianbiao Bu, Yongwang Lian, Liang Zhao, Weibin Ma

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