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02.11.2012 12:09 - RENEWABLE and SUSTAINABLE ENERGY - News (70 статии)
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(•Bioenergy   •Geothermal   •Hydrogen •Hydropower   •Ocean   •Solar   •Wind)


1    A synthesis of numerical methods for modeling wave energy converter-point absorbers - Ye Li, Yi-Hsiang Yu

2    Energy efficient design of building: A reviewReview Article - R. Pacheco, J. Ordусez, G. Martнnez

3    Regulatory transparency—How China can learn from Japan"s nuclear regulatory failures? - Qiang Wang, Xi Chen

4    Impact of daylight quality on architectural space dynamics: Case study: City Mall – Amman, Jordan - May M. Hourani, Rizeq N. Hammad

5    A review on the prediction of building energy consumption - Hai-xiang Zhao, Frйdйric Magoulиs

6    Determinants of success for promoting solar energy in Rajasthan, India - Shreemat Pandey, Vijai Shanker Singh, Naresh Pal Gangwar, M.M. Vijayvergia, Chandra Prakash, Deep Narayan Pandey

7    Bitter sweet: How sustainable is bio-ethanol production in Brazil? - Hossein Azadi, Sanne de Jong, Ben Derudder, Philippe De Maeyer, Frank Witlox

8    Producer perceptions and information needs regarding their adoption of bioenergy crops - Marнa B. Villamil, Myles Alexander, Anne Heinze Silvis, Michael E. Gray

9    Comparative assessment of policies targeting energy use efficiency in Lithuania - Dalia Streimikiene, Andzej Volochovic, Zaneta Simanaviciene

10    Biodiesel production from non-edible plant oils - Ivana B. Banković-Ilić, Olivera S. Stamenković, Vlada B. Veljković

11    A review of energy use and energy efficiency technologies for the textile industry - Ali Hasanbeigi, Lynn Price

12    Massive Solar-Thermal Collectors: A critical literature review - Matteo D’Antoni, Onorio Saro

13    Biodiesel resources and production technologies – A review - B.L. Salvi, N.L. Panwar

14    The predominance of economic development in the support for large-scale wind farms in the U.S. Great Plains - Michael C. Slattery, Becky L. Johnson, Jeffrey A. Swofford, Martin J. Pasqualetti

15    Influence of fuel properties and composition on NOx emissions from biodiesel powered diesel engines: A review - K. Varatharajan, M. Cheralathan

16    An investigation into the potential barriers facing the development of offshore wind energy in Scotland: Case study – Firth of Forth offshore wind farm - Aoife O’Keeffe, Claire Haggett

17    Focus on situation and policies for biomass power generation in China - Zhao Xingang, Wang Jieyu, Liu Xiaomeng, Feng Tiantian, Liu Pingkuo

18    Need for an embodied energy measurement protocol for buildings: A review paper - Manish K. Dixit, Jose L. Fernбndez-Solнs, Sarel Lavy, Charles H. Culp

19    Insects for biodiesel production - F. Manzano-Agugliaro, M.J. Sanchez-Muros, F.G. Barroso, A. Martнnez-Sбnchez, S. Rojo, C. Pйrez-Baсуn

20    A discussion on recent developments in Turkey"s emerging solar power market - Sermin Oguz Topkaya

21    Life cycle assessment of energy generation from biogas—Attributional vs. consequential approach - T. Rehl, J. Lansche, J. Mьller

22    State of the art of solar cooking: An overview - N.L. Panwar, S.C. Kaushik, Surendra Kothari

23    The renewable energy market in Brazil: Current status and potential - Marcio Giannini Pereira, Cristiane Farias Camacho, Marcos Aurйlio Vasconcelos Freitas, Neilton Fidelis da Silva

24    Review on development and demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell scooters - Jenn Jiang Hwang

25    Global warming and environmental benefits of hydroelectric for sustainable energy in Turkey - Ibrahim Yuksel

26    Thermal performance of parabolic concentrators under Malaysian environment: A case study - Y. Rafeeu, M.Z.A. Ab Kadir

27    Why does renewable energy diffuse so slowly? A review of innovation system problems - Simona O. Negro, Floortje Alkemade, Marko P. Hekkert

28    A review of urban energy system models: Approaches, challenges and opportunities - James Keirstead, Mark Jennings, Aruna Sivakumar

29    Review of technology in small-scale biomass combustion systems in the European market - J.L. Mнguez, J.C. Morбn, E. Granada, J. Porteiro

30    Review of international grid codes for wind power integration: Diversity, technology and a case for global standard - Mansour Mohseni, Syed M. Islam

31    A review of concentrating solar power plants in the world and their potential use in Serbia - Tomislav M. Pavlović, Ivana S. Radonjić, Dragana D. Milosavljević, Lana S. Pantić

32    International competitiveness of China"s wind turbine manufacturing industry and implications for future development - Sufang Zhang

33    Sustainability policy of construction contractors: A review - Jian Zuo, George Zillante, Lou Wilson, Kathryn Davidson, Stephen Pullen

34    Mechanisms proposed through experimental investigations on thermophysical properties and forced convective heat transfer characteristics of various nanofluids – A review - M. Chandrasekar, S. Suresh, T. Senthilkumar

35    Policy measures to overcome barriers to energy renovation of existing buildings - Cheonghoon Baek, Sanghoon Park

36    Sustainability and future alternatives of biogas-linked agrosystem (BLAS) in China: An emergy synthesis - Shaoqing Chen, Bin Chen

37    Electricity demand supply analysis: Current status and future prospects for Maharashtra, India - Rajesh V. Kale, Sanjay D. Pohekar

38    Improving households’ access to electricity and energy consumption pattern in Nigeria: Renewable energy alternative - Musiliu O. Oseni

39    A state of art review on the performance of transpired solar collector - Ashish Shukla, Dan Nchelatebe Nkwetta, Y.J. Cho, Vicki Stevenson, Phil Jones

40    Implementation conditions for energy saving technologies and practices in office buildings: Part 2. Double glazing windows, heating and air-conditioning - Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis, Konstantinos Karyotakis, Nikolaos Zografakis

41    Land availability of Jatropha production in Malaysia - M.A. Kalam, J.U. Ahamed, H.H. Masjuki

42    An overview of reliability models and methods for distribution systems with renewable energy distributed generation - Carmen Lucia Tancredo Borges

43    Waste energy recovery in seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants. Part 2: Case study - A.M.K. El-Ghonemy

44    A review on fuel economy test procedure for automobiles: Implementation possibilities in Malaysia and lessons for other countries - T.M.I. Mahlia, S. Tohno, T. Tezuka

45    A review on existing and future energy sources for electrical power generation in Malaysia - Rosnazri Ali, Ismail Daut, Soib Taib

46    State of the art of biofuels from pure plant oil - D. Russo, M. Dassisti, V. Lawlor, A.G. Olabi

47    Thermal comfort in hospitals – A literature review - Jamal Khodakarami, Nazanin Nasrollahi

48    Energy efficiency and low carbon enabler green IT framework for data centers considering green metrics - Mueen Uddin, Azizah Abdul Rahman

49    Energy behaviours as promoters of energy efficiency: A 21st century review - Pages 4095-4104

M.A.R. Lopes, C.H. Antunes, N. Martins

50    Discursive shifts in energy from biomass: A 30 year European overview - Arjan F. Kirkels

51    Economic analysis of heating and cooling systems from the various perspectives: Application to EHP and GHP in Korea - Woo-Nam Lee, Hyeong-Jung Kim, Jong-Bae Park, Ki-Seon Cho, Jae Hyung Roh, Sung-Yong Son

52    Future perspectives on sustainable tribology - I. Tzanakis, M. Hadfield, B. Thomas, S.M. Noya, I. Henshaw, S. Austen

53    Assessment of utility energy storage options for increased renewable energy penetration - Annette Evans, Vladimir Strezov, Tim J. Evans

54    Experimental comparison of impact of auction format on carbon allowance market - Rong-Gang Cong, Yi-Ming Wei

55    Agriculture"s contribution to the renewable energy sector: Policy and economics – Do they add up? - J.N. Mosher, K.W. Corscadden

56    Implementation conditions for energy saving technologies and practices in office buildings: Part 1. Lighting - Nikolaos Zografakis, Konstantinos Karyotakis, Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis

57    A technical, economical and market review of organic Rankine cycles for the conversion of low-grade heat for power generation - Fredy Vйlez, Josй J. Segovia, M. Carmen Martнn, Gregorio Antolнn, Farid Chejne, Ana Quijano

58    Biomass potential in Andalusia, from grapevines, olives, fruit trees and poplar, for providing heating in homes - J.M. Rosъa, M. Pasadas

59    A model for biodiesel supply chain: A case study in Iran - Akram Avami

60    Increasing the sustainability of household cooking in developing countries: Policy implications - Wouter H. Maes, Bruno Verbist

61    Potential contribution of geothermal energy to climate change adaptation: A case study of the arid and semi-arid eastern Baringo lowlands, Kenya - Pacifica F. Achieng Ogola, Brynhildur Davidsdottir, Ingvar Birgir Fridleifsson

62    Design for sustainability: The role of CAD - Sudhir Rama Murthy, Monto Mani

63    Influencing factors of water electrolysis electrical efficiency - S.K. Mazloomi, Nasri Sulaiman

64    Solar attenuation by aerosols: An overview - Yousef A. Eltbaakh, M.H. Ruslan, M.A. Alghoul, M.Y. Othman, K. Sopian, T.M. Razykov

65    EUBIONET III—Solutions to biomass trade and market barriers - E. Alakangas, M. Junginger, J. van Dam, J. Hinge, J. Kerдnen, O. Olsson, C. Porsц, A. Martikainen, J. Rathbauer, L. Sulzbacher, P. Vesterinen, J. Vinterbдck

66    Developing a framework for renewable technology portfolio selection: A case study at a R&D center - Hamid Davoudpour, Sara Rezaee, Maryam Ashrafi

67    A review on renewable energy conceptual perspectives in North Africa using a polynomial optimization scheme - K. Boubaker

68    A review of the applications of heat pipe heat exchangers for heat recovery - W. Srimuang, P. Amatachaya

69    Conversion of microalgae to biofuel - Emma Suali, Rosalam Sarbatly

70    Energy policy tools for agricultural residues utilization for heat and power generation: A case study of sugarcane trash in Thailand - Tritib Suramaythangkoor, Zhengguo Li

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