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27.07.2012 14:27 - RENEWABLE ENERGY – World News – July 2012
Автор: iliaganchev Категория: Технологии   
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RENEWABLE ENERGY – World News – July 2012

Photovoltaic Technology Conversion, Solar Thermal Applications, Biomass Conversion, Wind Energy Technology, Energy Conservation in Buildings, Geothermal, Wave and Tide, Ocean Thermal Energies)

1    Do ethanol prices in Brazil follow Brent price and international gasoline price parity?

2    Applications of Bayesian methods in wind energy conversion systems   

3    Tidal range turbines and generation on the Solway FirthOriginal

4    Modeling and dynamic simulation of the collector and receiver system of 1 MWe DAHAN solar thermal power tower plant

5    Life cycle assessment of CO2 emissions from wind power plants: Methodology and case studies

6    An improved procedure for the experimental characterization of optical efficiency in evacuated tube solar collectors

7    The technical and economic implications of integrating fluctuating renewable energy using energy storage

8    Environmentally conscious capacity planning and technology selection for bioethanol supply chains

9    Control of wind turbine power and vibration with a data-driven approach

10    Analytical resolution of the electrical four-parameters model of a photovoltaic module using small perturbation around the operating point

11    Improvements in the grid connection of renewable generators with full power converters

12    System design of a wind turbine using a multi-level optimization approach

13    Dynamic simulation of the distributed radiative and convective climate within a cropped greenhouse

14    Comparative study of mathematical models in estimating solar irradiance for Australia

15    Expansion of the residential photovoltaic systems and its harmonic impact on the distribution grid

16    Synthesis and characterization of TiO2/ZnO core/shell nanomaterials for solar cell applications

17    A comprehensive study of the impact of green roofs on building energy performance

18    Regeneration of Kinmen military installations through the integration of renewable energy technologies and battlefield resources

19    Effect of group IV elements on the thermodynamic property of NaH + Al

20    Integration of hydrogen production and waste heat recovery in electrochemical wastewater treatment

21    Methods to extrapolate wind resource to the turbine hub height based on power law: A 1-h wind speed vs. Weibull distribution extrapolation comparison

22    Integrated environmental assessment of energy crops for biofuel and energy production in Greece

23    Assessing the wave energy converter potential for Australian coastal regions

24    Measurement of glass transition temperature of crosslinked EVA encapsulant by thermal analysis for photovoltaic application

25    Calculating the offshore wind power resource: Robust assessment methods applied to the U.S. Atlantic Coast

26  Performance evaluation and accuracy enhancement of a day-ahead wind power forecasting system in China

27    Wave prediction based on a modified grey model MGM(1,1) for real-time control of wave energy converters in irregular waves

28    A sensorless control method for variable-speed small wind turbines

29    Power flow management algorithm for photovoltaic systems feeding DC/AC loads

30    Heterotrophic cultivation of mixed microalgae for lipid accumulation and wastewater treatment during sequential growth and starvation phases: Effect of nutrient supplementation

31    Transient analysis of grounding systems for wind turbines

32    Influence of duct geometry on the performance of Darrieus hydroturbine

33    A dynamic multi-level model for adsorptive solar cooling

34    Ground temperature profiles and thermal rock properties at Wairakei, New Zealand

35    EU plans for renewable energy. An application to the Spanish case

36    Cost of energy and mutual shadows in a two-axis tracking PV system

37    Control of a matrix converter for the operation of autonomous systems

38    Investigation of urban canyon microclimate in traditional and contemporary environment. Experimental investigation and parametric analysis

39    Renewable energy in upper North Africa: Present versus 2025-horizon perspectives optimization using a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) framework

40    Using a shore bird (red knot) fitted with geolocators to evaluate a conceptual risk model focusing on offshore wind

41    Effect of nanostructured ZnO cathode layer on the photovoltaic performance of inverted bulk heterojunction solar cells

42    Can the GB feed-in tariff deliver the expected 2% of electricity from renewable sources?

43    No-load core loss prediction of PM generator at low electrical frequency

44    Optimal choice and design of different topologies of DC–DC converter used in PV systems, at different climatic conditions in Egypt

45    Reducing energy for cellulose ethanol production by the use of sterilising agents in lieu of steam

46    Temperature and thermal annealing effects on different photovoltaic technologies

47    Impacts of CO2 emission constraints on penetration of solar PV in the Bangladesh power sector

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