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22.06.2012 10:35 - RENEWABLE ENERGY- 50 World News – May 2012
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RENEWABLE ENERGY- 50 World News – May 2012

(Wind Energy Technology, Solar and Low Energy Architecture, Energy Conservation in Buildings, Geothermal, Wave and Tide, Ocean Thermal Energies)

01    Advances in solar hydrogen production via two-step water-splitting thermochemical cycles based on metal redox reactions   - Lan Xiao, Shuang-Ying Wu, You-Rong Li

02    Flow separation on a high Reynolds number, high solidity vertical axis wind turbine with straight and canted blades and canted blades with fences - Shawn Armstrong, Andrzej Fiedler, Stephen Tullis

03    Hydrogen production by catalytic cracking of rice husk over Fe2O3/γ-Al2O3 catalyst - Xiwei Xu, Jiang Enchen, Wang Mingfeng, Li Bosong, Zhou Ling

04    Optimal sizing of biomass-fired Organic Rankine Cycle CHP system with heat storage- Gregor Taljan, Gregor Verbič, Miloš Pantoš, Manfred Sakulin, Lothar Fickert

05    Heat transfer analysis and experimental verification of casted heat exchanger in non-icing and icing conditions in winter - Jie Yu, Huan Zhang, Shijun You

06    Numerical benchmarking study of a selection of wave energy converters - A. Babarit, J. Hals, M.J. Muliawan, A. Kurniawan, T. Moan, J. Krokstad

07    Domestic application of micro wind turbines in Ireland: Investigation of their economic viability         - Zhe Li, Fergal Boyle, Anthony Reynolds

08    Double the biodiesel yield: Rearing black soldier fly larvae, Hermetia illucens, on solid residual fraction of restaurant waste after grease extraction for biodiesel production - Longyu Zheng, Qing Li, Jibin Zhang, Ziniu Yu

09    Geothermal energy production utilizing abandoned oil and gas wells -   Xianbiao Bu, Weibin Ma, Huashan Li

10    Simulation of an innovative flow-field design based on a bio inspired pattern for PEM fuel cells - R. Roshandel, F. Arbabi, G. Karimi Moghaddam

11    A comparative life cycle analysis of low power PV lighting products for rural areas in South East Asia - Bart Durlinger, Angиle Reinders, Marten Toxopeus

12    Hydrodynamics of the IPS buoy wave energy converter including the effect of non-uniform acceleration tube cross section - Antуnio F.O. Falcгo, Josй J. Cвndido, Paulo A.P. Justino, Joгo C.C. Henriques

13    Effects of the morphology of nanostructured ZnO films on the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells - M. Giannouli, F. Spiliopoulou

14    Net energy analysis for concentrated solar power plants in northern Chile - Teresita Larraнn, Rodrigo Escobar

15    Control analysis for solar panel dust mitigation using an electric curtain - D. Qian, J.S. Marshall, J. Frolik

16    Wind power generation in China: Understanding the mismatch between capacity and generation - Mian Yang, Dalia Patiсo-Echeverri, Fuxia Yang

17    Application of mixture topological index method to predict the dynamic viscosity of the hypothetical acidic oils-based biodiesel fuels - Qing Shu, Changlin Yu, Dingjian Cai, Daoling Xiong

18    Air–water two-phase flow modelling of hydrodynamic performance of an oscillating water column device - Yali Zhang, Qing-Ping Zou, Deborah Greaves

19    Steady and rotating computational fluid dynamics simulations of a novel vertical axis wind turbine for small-scale power generation - S. McTavish, D. Feszty, T. Sankar

20    The effect of turbulence on noise emissions from a micro-scale horizontal axis wind turbine - T. Rogers, S. Omer

21    Wake flow model of wind turbine using particle simulation - M.X. Song, K. Chen, Z.Y. He, X. Zhang

22    Potential of five plants growing on unproductive agricultural lands as biodiesel resources - Cheng-Jiang Ruan, Wei-He Xing, Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva

23    Biogas prediction and design of a food waste to energy system for the urban environment         - Nathan Curry, Pragasen Pillay

24    A study on Kalina solar system with an auxiliary superheater - Faming Sun, Yasuyuki Ikegami, Baoju Jia

25    Efficiency optimization in stand-alone photovoltaic pumping system - Tomбs Perpйtuo Corrкa, Seleme Isaac Seleme Jr., Selкnio Rocha Silva

26    Photovoltaic panel integrated power conditioning system using a high efficiency step-up DC–DC converter - Woo-Young Choi, Change-Goo Lee

27    Uncertainty analysis of the adequacy assessment model of a distributed generation system - Yanfu Li, Enrico Zio

28    Numerical sensitivity study of thermal response tests - Valentin Wagner, Peter Bayer, Markus Kьbert, Philipp Blum

29    System simulation of a linear concentrating photovoltaic system with an active cooling system - Tony Kerzmann, Laura Schaefer

30    The effect of the stabilizer on the properties of a synthetic Nicore–Ptshell catalyst for PEM fuel cells - Saowaluck Bhlapibul, Kejvalee Pruksathorn, Pornpote Piumsomboon

31    Optimal design of permanent-magnet direct-drive generator for wind energy considering the cost uncertainty in raw materials - Manuel Pinilla, Sergio Martinez

32    Life cycle assessment of municipal solid waste treatment to energy options: Case study of KARTAMANTUL region, Yogyakarta - Made Gunamantha, Sarto

33    Implications of temporal resolution for modeling renewables-based power systems - Eric J. Hoevenaars, Curran A. Crawford

34    Control strategies and configurations of hybrid distributed generation systems - Maria Stefania Carmeli, Francesco Castelli-Dezza, Marco Mauri, Gabriele Marchegiani, Daniele Rosati

35    Noise impact assessment on the basis of onsite acoustic noise immission measurements for a representative wind farm - J.K. Kaldellis, K. Garakis, M. Kapsali

36    A fuzzy logic energy management system for polygeneration microgrids - George Kyriakarakos, Anastasios I. Dounis, Konstantinos G. Arvanitis, George Papadakis

37    Impact of inverter configuration on energy cost of grid-connected photovoltaic systems - Fanbo He, Zhengming Zhao, Liqiang Yuan

38    Direct connection of WECS system to the MV grid with multilevel converters - Santiago A. Verne, Marнa I. Valla

39    Conversion of squirrel cage induction motors to wind turbine PMG - Suhail Zaki Farooqui

40    Analyzing consumer acceptance of photovoltaics (PV) using fuzzy logic model -Pei Zhai, Eric D. Williams

41    Integrating renewable energy technologies to support building trigeneration – A multi-criteria analysis - K.J. Chua, W.M. Yang, T.Z. Wong, C.A. Ho

42    Study on thermal efficiency of low- to medium-temperature organic Rankine cycles using HFO−1234yf - Noboru Yamada, Md Nor Anuar Mohamad, Trinh Trung Kien


43    Experimental study on simplification of Darrieus-type hydro turbine with inlet nozzle for extra-low head hydropower utilization - Kai Shimokawa, Akinori Furukawa, Kusuo Okuma, Daisuke Matsushita, Satoshi Watanabe

44    Amorphous carbon as a flexible counter electrode for low cost and efficient dye sensitized solar cell - Ganapathy Veerappan, Karunagaran Bojan, Shi-Woo Rhee

45    Cost reductions for offshore wind power: Exploring the balance between scaling, learning and R&D - Bob van der Zwaan, Rodrigo Rivera-Tinoco, Sander Lensink, Paul van den Oosterkamp

46    General formula for the estimation of global solar radiation on earth’s surface around the globe - Iranna Korachagaon, V.N. Bapat

47    Study on a snow storage system in a renovated space - Yasuhiro Hamada, Tsutomu Nagata, Hideki Kubota, Takayuki Ono, Yoshiaki Hashimoto

48    A model for vertical wind speed data extrapolation for improving wind resource assessment using WasP - Željko Đurišić, Jovan Mikulović

49    Monthly average daily global solar irradiation maps for Uganda: A location in the equatorial region - J. Mubiru, E.J.K.B. Banda

50    FTIR quantitative analysis technique for gases. Application in a biomass thermochemical process - E. Granada, P. Eguнa, J.A. Vilan, J.A. Comesaсa, R. Comesaсa

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