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30.07.2013 09:06 - RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – 2013 June World News (700 pages)
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RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – 2013 June World News (700 pages)

(•Bioenergy   •Geothermal   •Hydrogen  •Hydropower   •Ocean   •Solar   •Wind)

1     A comprehensive review of the impact of dust on the use of solar energy: History, investigations, results, literature, and mitigation approaches

Travis Sarver, Ali Al-Qaraghuli, Lawrence L. Kazmerski

2     A review on exergy analysis of drying processes and systems

Mortaza Aghbashlo, Hossein Mobli, Shahin Rafiee, Ashkan Madadlou

3     Energy and greenhouse gas emissions review for Macao  - J.S. Li, G.Q. Chen

4     Direct expansion solar assisted heat pumps: A review of applications and recent research  - Peter Omojaro, Cornelia Breitkopf

5     Advances in diesel–alcohol blends and their effects on the performance and emissions of diesel engines  - Satish Kumar, Jae Hyun Cho, Jaedeuk Park, Il Moon

6     Three-phase induction generators for single-phase power generation: An overview

Catalin Petrea Ion, Corneliu Marinescu

7     Considerable parameters of using PV cells for solar-powered aircrafts

Farivar Fazelpour, Majid Vafaeipour, Omid Rahbari, Reza Shirmohammadi

8     Energy management based on productiveness concept

J. Agьero, F. Rodrнguez, A. Gimйnez

9     Promote the development of renewable energy: A review and empirical study of wind power in China  - Hong Li, Minghua Xie, Tingting Zhang

10     A review on phase change cold storage in air-conditioning system: Materials and applications  - X.Q. Zhai, X.L. Wang, T. Wang, R.Z. Wang

11     Overview on the production of paraffin based-biofuels via catalytic hydrodeoxygenation  - Masita Mohammad, Thushara Kandaramath Hari, Zahira Yaakob, Yogesh Chandra Sharma, Kamaruzzaman Sopian

12     Fuel properties, engine performance and emission characteristic of common biodiesels as a renewable and sustainable source of fuel

M.I. Arbab, H.H. Masjuki, M. Varman, M.A. Kalam, S. Imtenan, H. Sajjad

13     Quantum dot-sensitized solar cells—perspective and recent developments: A review of Cd chalcogenide quantum dots as sensitizers  - H.K. Jun, M.A. Careem, A.K. Arof

14     Techno-economic survey of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems

Sylvain Quoilin, Martijn Van Den Broek, Sйbastien Declaye, Pierre Dewallef, Vincent Lemort

15     Renewable energy and nuclear power towards sustainable development: Characteristics and prospects

Charikleia Karakosta, Charalampos Pappas, Vangelis Marinakis, John Psarras

16     Incentives to promote solar thermal energy in Spain

M.P. Pablo-Romero, A. Sбnchez-Braza, M. Pйrez

17     Examining the bi-directional long run relationship between renewable energy consumption and GDP growth  - Usama Al-mulali, Hassan Gholipour Fereidouni, Janice Ym Lee, Che Normee Binti Che Sab

18     Renewable energy policies for sustainable development in Cambodia

M. Sarraf, B. Rismanchi, R. Saidur, H.W. Ping, N.A. Rahim

19     A review of computational optimisation methods applied to sustainable building design  - Ralph Evins

20     A review of the Nigerian biofuel policy and incentives (2007)

Elijah Ige Ohimain

21     Renewable energy resources for distributed power generation in Nigeria: A review of the potential

Y.S. Mohammed, M.W. Mustafa, N. Bashir, A.S. Mokhtar

22     The dynamics of natural gas consumption and GDP in Bangladesh

Anupam Das, Adian A. McFarlane, Murshed Chowdhury

23     Determining factors in process of socio-technical adequacy of renewable energy in Andean Communities of Salta, Argentina

K.N. Escalante, S. Belmonte, M.D. Gea

24     Integrated energy planning in cities and territories: A review of methods and tools

Atom Mirakyan, Roland De Guio

25     The operational economics of compressed air energy storage systems under uncertainty

Ahmet Yucekaya

26     Methods for energy analysis of residential buildings in Nordic countries

I. Allard, T. Olofsson, O.A.B. Hassan

27     World-wide non-mandatory involvement of electricity utilities in the promotion of energy efficiency and the Portuguese experience

Josй L. Sousa, Antуnio G. Martins, Humberto M. Jorge

28     Biomass energy policies and strategies: Harvesting potential in India and Indonesia

Rajbeer Singh, Andri D. Setiawan

29     Overview properties of biodiesel diesel blends from edible and non-edible feedstock

A.S. Silitonga, H.H. Masjuki, T.M.I. Mahlia, H.C. Ong, W.T. Chong, M.H. Boosroh

30     Bio-diesel production and its engine characteristics—An expatiate view

D. Subramaniam, A. Murugesan, A. Avinash, A. Kumaravel

31     Will policies to promote renewable electricity generation be effective? Evidence from panel stationarity and unit root tests for 115 countries

Hooi Hooi Lean, Russell Smyth

32     Renewable energy certificate mechanism in India: A preliminary assessment

Sandeep Kumar Gupta, Pallav Purohit

33     Vision 2023: Forecasting Turkey"s natural gas demand between 2013 and 2030

Mehmet Melikoglu

34     The role of China"s renewable powers against climate change during the 12th Five-Year and until 2020

Xiao Yu, Hang Qu

35     Recent developments for biodiesel production by ultrasonic assist transesterification using different heterogeneous catalyst: A review

K. Ramachandran, T. Suganya, N. Nagendra Gandhi, S. Renganathan

36     The prospects of energy forestry and agro-residues in the Lithuania"s domestic energy supply

Laurencas Raslavičius, Vytautas Kučinskas, Algirdas Jasinskas

37     Garden waste biomass for renewable and sustainable energy production in China: Potential, challenges and development

Yan Shi, Ying Ge, Jie Chang, Hongbo Shao, Yuli Tang

38     Organisational learning, strategic rigidity and technology adoption: Implications for electric utilities and renewable energy firms

Pages 438-445      Arsalan Nisar, Felipe Ruiz, Miguel Palacios

39     Factors influencing the success of BOT power plant projects in China: A review

Zhen-Yu Zhao, Jian Zuo, George Zillante

40     A review of photovoltaic systems size optimization techniques

Tamer Khatib, Azah Mohamed, K. Sopian

41     Concentrated solar power plants: Review and design methodology

H.L. Zhang, J. Baeyens, J. Degrиve, G. Cacиres

42     Rural electrification through village grids—Assessing the cost competitiveness of isolated renewable energy technologies in Indonesia

Nicola U. Blum, Ratri Sryantoro Wakeling, Tobias S. Schmidt

43     Strategic analysis of diffusion of renewable energy in the Nordic countries

Alireza Aslani, Marja Naaranoja, Kau-Fui V. Wong

44     Bidding of price taker power generators in the deregulated Turkish power market

Ahmet Yucekaya

45     Testing, inspecting and monitoring technologies for wind turbine blades: A survey

Bin Yang, Dongbai Sun

46     A general approach toward building integrated photovoltaic systems and its implementation barriers: A review

Farshad Azadian, M.A.M. Radzi

47     Numerical modelling of ventilated facades: A review

Alvaro De Gracia, Albert Castell, Lidia Navarro, Eduard Orу, Luisa F. Cabeza

48     Coal seam gas and associated water: A review paper

Ihsan Hamawand, Talal Yusaf, Sara G. Hamawand

49     Iran"s achievements in renewable energy during fourth development program in comparison with global trend

Payam Nejat, Abdul Kasir Morsoni, Fatemeh Jomehzadeh, Hamid Behzad, Mohamad Saeed Vesali, M.Z.Abd. Majid

50     Current status, barriers and developments in biohydrogen production by microalgae

Naim Rashid, Muhammad Saif Ur Rehman, Sheeraz Memon, Zia Ur Rahman, Kisay Lee, Jong-In Han

51     Characteristics of vegetable oils for use as fuel in stationary diesel engines—Towards specifications for a standard in West Africa

J. Blin, C. Brunschwig, A. Chapuis, O. Changotade, S.S. Sidibe, E.S. Noumi, P. Girard

52     The analysis on sun tracking and cooling systems for photovoltaic panels

Sabir Rustemli, Furkan Dincer, Emin Unal, Muharrem Karaaslan, Cumali Sabah

53     A review on the evolution of ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) and its future prospects

Kian Fei Yee, Abdul Rahman Mohamed, Soon Huat Tan

54     Pro-environmental attitudes of users and non-users of fuelwood in a rural area of Greece   - Garyfallos Arabatzis, Chrisovalantis Malesios

55     Process system engineering in biodiesel production: A review

N.F. Nasir, W.R.W. Daud, S.K. Kamarudin, Z. Yaakob

56     A comprehensive multi-criteria model to rank electric energy production technologies  - Eric W. Stein

57     Motivations and barriers associated with adopting microgeneration energy technologies in the UK   - Paul Balcombe, Dan Rigby, Adisa Azapagic

58     A Jatropha biomass as renewable materials for biocomposites and its applications

H.P.S. Abdul Khalil, N.A. Sri Aprilia, A.H. Bhat, M. Jawaid, M.T. Paridah, D. Rudi

59     Wind energy in Brazil: From the power sector"s expansion crisis model to the favorable environment   - Neilton Fidelis da Silva, Luiz Pinguelli Rosa, Marcos Aurйlio Vasconcelos Freitas, Marcio Giannini Pereira


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