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23.04.2013 08:59 - 51 RENEWABLE and SUSTAINABLE ENERGY NEWS - April 2013
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•Bioenergy   •Geothermal   •Hydrogen •Hydropower   •Ocean   •Solar   •Wind

(China, Ghana, Brazil, Tunisia, Serbia, Pakistan, Lebanon, Taiwan, Poland, Malaysia)

1     Microalgae as a boon for sustainable energy production and its future research & development aspects

Anita Kirrolia, Narsi R. Bishnoi, Rajesh Singh

2     Operational costs of A 13,000 solar home systems rural electrification programme

L.M. Carrasco, L. Narvarte, E. Lorenzo

3     Review of environmental efficiency and its influencing factors in China: 1998–2009

Malin Song, Yaqing Song, Qingxian An, Huayin Yu

4     An overview of agricultural biomass for decentralized rural energy in Ghana

Y.S. Mohammed, A.S. Mokhtar, N. Bashir, R. Saidur

5     Convective heat transfer and friction factor correlations of nanofluid in a tube and with inserts: A review

L. Syam Sundar, Manoj K. Singh

6     Progress and prospective on the police system of renewable energy in China

Ming Zeng, Chen Li, Lisha Zhou

7     A component based bottom-up building stock model for comprehensive environmental impact assessment and target control

Niko Heeren, Martin Jakob, Gregor Martius, Nadja Gross, Holger Wallbaum

8     Assessment of optimal size of anaerobic co-digestion plants: An application to cattle farms in the province of Bari (Italy)

Antonio Pantaleo, Bernardo De Gennaro, Nilay Shah

9     Advances in the integration of solar thermal energy with conventional and non-conventional power plants

M.S. Jamel, A. Abd Rahman, A.H. Shamsuddin

10     A review of energy sources and energy management system in electric vehicles

Siang Fui Tie, Chee Wei Tan

11     Use of parabolic trough solar collectors for solar refrigeration and air-conditioning applications

F.J. Cabrera, A. Fernбndez-Garcнa, R.M.P. Silva, M. Pйrez-Garcнa

12     Analytical model for solar PV and CSP electricity costs: Present LCOE values and their future evolution

J. Hernбndez-Moro, J.M. Martнnez-Duart

13     The need of subsidy for the implementation of photovoltaic solar energy as supporting of decentralized electrical power generation in Brazil

Jose Luz Silveira, Celso Eduardo Tuna, Wendell de Queiroz Lamas

14     A review of optimized design layouts for solar power tower plants with campo code

Francisco J. Collado, Jesъs Guallar

15     Experimental assessment of the solar energy potential in the gulf of Tunis, Tunisia

Ahmed Ridha El Ouderni, Taher Maatallah, Souheil El Alimi, Sassi Ben Nassrallah

16     New energy bases and sustainable development in China: A review

Zeng Ming, Xue Song, Ma Mingjuan, Zhu Xiaoli

17     Survey of hybrid liquid desiccant air conditioning systems

Abdulrahman Th. Mohammad, Sohif Bin Mat, M.Y. Sulaiman, K. Sopian, Abduljalil A. Al-abidi

18     Possibility of electricity generation using PV solar plants in Serbia

Tomislav Pavlović, Dragana Milosavljević, Ivana Radonjić, Lana Pantić, Aleksandar Radivojević, Mila Pavlović

19     Photovoltaic techno-economical potential on roofs in regions and islands: The case of the Canary Islands. Methodological review and methodology proposal

Julieta Schallenberg-Rodrнguez

20     An assessment of renewable energy potential for electricity generation in Pakistan

Muhammad Khalid Farooq, S. Kumar

21     Energy status in Lebanon and electricity generation reform plan based on cost and pollution optimization

Oussama Ibrahim, Farouk Fardoun, Rafic Younes, Hasna Louahlia-Gualous

22     A comprehensive overview of new designs in the hydraulic, electrical equipments and controllers of mini hydro power plants making it cost effective technology

J.A. Laghari, H. Mokhlis, A.H.A. Bakar, Hasmaini Mohammad

23     Taiwan"s GHG mitigation potentials and costs: An evaluation with the MARKAL model

Miao-Shan Tsai, Ssu-Li Chang

24     Potential challenges of integrating large-scale wind energy into the power grid–A review

G.M. Shafiullah, Amanullah M.T. Oo, A.B.M. Shawkat Ali, Peter Wolfs

25     Wick type solar stills: A review

V. Manikandan, K. Shanmugasundaram, S. Shanmugan, B. Janarthanan, J. Chandrasekaran

26     Smart and Just Grids for sub-Saharan Africa: Exploring options

Manuel Welsch, Morgan Bazilian, Mark Howells, Deepak Divan, David Elzinga, Goran Strbac, Lawrence Jones, Andrew Keane, Dolf Gielen, V.S.K. Murthy Balijepalli, Abeeku Brew-Hammond, Kandeh Yumkella

27     CFD applications for latent heat thermal energy storage: a review

Abduljalil A. Al-abidi, Sohif Bin Mat, K. Sopian, M.Y. Sulaiman, Abdulrahman Th. Mohammed

28     Progresses in inclined type solar stills

K. Kalidasa Murugavel, P. Anburaj, R. Samuel Hanson, T. Elango

29     An overview for energy recovery from municipal solid wastes (MSW) in Malaysia scenario

Zainura Zainon Noor, Rafiu Olasunkanmi Yusuf, Ahmad Halilu Abba, Mohd Ariffin Abu Hassan, Mohd Fadhil Mohd Din

30     Dynamic simulation of government subsidy policy effects on solar water heaters installation in Taiwan

Pao-Long Chang, Shu-Ping Ho, Chiung-Wen Hsu

31     Heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids in heat pipes: A review

R. Sureshkumar, S. Tharves Mohideen, N. Nethaji

32     A review of sensitivity analysis methods in building energy analysis

Wei Tian

33     Review on Parthenium hysterphorus as a potential energy source

Ghosh Swati, S. Haldar, A. Ganguly, P.K. Chatterjee

34     Application of solid oxide fuel cell technology for power generation—A review

Arnab Choudhury, H. Chandra, A. Arora

35     Progress in solar PV technology: Research and achievement

V.V. Tyagi, Nurul A.A. Rahim, N.A. Rahim, Jeyraj A./L. Selvaraj

36     Financing energy access and off-grid electrification: A review of status, options and challenges

Subhes C. Bhattacharyya

37     Citizens’ views on various forms of energy and their contribution to the environment

Stilianos Tampakis, Georgios Τsantopoulos, Garyfallos Arabatzis, Ioannis Rerras

38     The evolution of construction waste sorting on-site

Hongping Yuan, Weisheng Lu, Jane Jianli Hao

39     Energy security and co-benefits of energy efficiency improvement in three Asian countries

Sujeetha Selvakkumaran, Bundit Limmeechokchai

40     The energy ladder: Theoretical myth or empirical truth? Results from a meta-analysis

Bianca van der Kroon, Roy Brouwer, Pieter J.H. van Beukering

41     Agricultural biogas plants—A chance for diversification of agriculture in Poland

Justyna Chodkowska-Miszczuk, Daniela Szymańska

42     Greener energy: Issues and challenges for Pakistan—wind power prospective

Abdul Waheed Bhutto, Aqeel Ahmed Bazmi, Gholamreza Zahedi

43     Features of an efficient and environmentally attractive used tyres pyrolysis with energy and material recovery

N. Antoniou, A. Zabaniotou

44     Entropy and exergy in irreversible renewable energy systems

Umberto Lucia

45     An overview of Australia "s hydropower energy: Status and future prospects

Alireza Bahadori, Gholamreza Zahedi, Sohrab Zendehboudi

46     Adsorber efficiency in adsorbtion refrigeration

Umberto Lucia

47     Knowledge management mapping and gap analysis in renewable energy: Towards a sustainable framework in developing countries

M. El Fadel, G. Rachid, R. El-Samra, G. Bou Boutros, J. Hashisho

48     Evaluating the transformation of China’s industrial development mode during 2000–2009

Shanlin Yang, Yu Bai, Sufeng Wang, Nanping Feng

49     Opportunities and challenges in micro- and nano-technologies for concentrating photovoltaic cooling: A review

Leonardo Micheli, Nabin Sarmah, Xichun Luo, K.S. Reddy, Tapas K Mallick

50     Comparative assessment of road transport technologies

Dalia Streimikiene, Tomas Baležentis, Ligita Baležentienė

51     State-of-the-art of fast pyrolysis in IEA bioenergy member countries

Dietrich Meier, Bert van de Beld, Anthony V. Bridgwater, Douglas C. Elliott, Anja Oasmaa, Fernando Preto


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