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19.04.2013 12:28 - ПЛАВАЩИ ВЯТЪРНИ ЕЛЕКТРОСТАНЦИИ - OFFSHORE WIND FARM – новости – 2013 (наука > технология > бизнес)
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ПЛАВАЩИ ВЯТЪРНИ ЕЛЕКТРОСТАНЦИИ - OFFSHORE WIND FARM – новости – 2013 (наука > технология > бизнес)

(налични статии онлайн към 19.04.2013)

Корея, Турция, Германия, Китай, САЩ, Пакистан, Тайван, Ирландия, Канада, Франция, Япония, Холандия

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Swaminathan Mani, Tarun Dhingra

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53     Japan to build world"s largest offshore wind farm off Fukushima, 19 January 2013

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70     On the biological connectivity of oil and gas platforms in the North Sea, December 2012, S.A. Thorpe

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