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17.12.2012 11:30 - RENEWABLE ENERGY (international lournal) - 36 News (от Чайна, Лесото, Тюркие ... – само от Булгаристан няма!)
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RENEWABLE ENERGY (international lournal) - 36 News (от Чайна, Лесото, Тюркие ...  – само от Булгаристан няма!)        

1     Combining photovoltaics and sound barriers – A feasibility study - Ellen De Schepper, Steven Van Passel, Jean Manca, Theo Thewys

2     The article of the future – A new online article experience for increasing research efficiency, learning, and discovery - Adam Wheeler

3     Present situation and potential role of renewable energy in Turkey - Mehmet Зapik, Ali Osman Yılmaz, İbrahim Зavuşoğlu

4     Modelling and simulation of a wind-hydrogen CHP system with metal hydride storage

- Simone Pedrazzi, Gabriele Zini, Paolo Tartarini

5     Regional biomass planning – Helping to realise national renewable energy goals? - Kautto, P. Peck

6     Gyroscopic effects on a large vertical axis wind turbine mounted on a floating structure - Pierre Blusseau, Minoo H. Patel

7     Effect of copper doping on the change in the optical absorption behaviour in NiO thin films - Shweta Moghe, A.D. Acharya, Richa Panda, S.B. Shrivastava, Mohan Gangrade, T. Shripathi, V. Ganesan

8     Campo: Generation of regular heliostat fields - Francisco J. Collado, Jesъs Guallar

9     Design and exergy analysis of solar roofs: A viable solution with esthetic appeal to collect solar heat - Daniele Fiaschi, Alberto Bertolli

10     Series resistance determination and further characterization of c-Si PV modules - Georgi Hristov Yordanov, Ole-Morten Midtgеrd, Tor Oskar Saetre

* Georgi Hristov Yordanov – Университет в Агдер (Норвегия), млад изследовател, предишна месторабота – БАН-София

11     A macroscopic PEM fuel cell model including water phenomena for vehicle simulation - L. Boulon, K. Agbossou, D. Hissel, P. Sicard, A. Bouscayrol, M.-C. Pйra

12     Short-term simulation of ground heat exchanger with an improved TRCM - Philippe Pasquier, Denis Marcotte

13     Multi-objective optimization of sustainable single-effect water/Lithium Bromide absorption cycle - Berhane H. Gebreslassie, Eckhard A. Groll, Suresh V. Garimella

14     Numerical simulation of the wake of marine current turbines with a particle method - Grйgory Pinon, Paul Mycek, Grйgory Germain, Elie Rivoalen

15     A non-tubular Stirling engine heater for a micro solar power unit - D. Garcнa, J.I. Prieto

16     Quantification of biodiesel content in diesel/biodiesel blends by fluorescence spectroscopy: Evaluation of the dependence on biodiesel feedstock - A.R.L. Caires, V.S. Lima, S.L. Oliveira

17     The impact of state feed-in tariffs and federal tradable quota support policies on grid-connected small wind turbine installed capacity in Australia - S.J. Ross, M.P. McHenry, J. Whale

18     Field studies on the effect of built forms on urban wind environments -

Yafeng Gao, Runming Yao, Baizhan Li, Erdal Turkbeyler, Qing Luo, Alan Short

19     Geometry parameters effect for air-cooled ejector cooling systems with R134a refrigerant - Jia Yan, Wenjian Cai, Yanzhong Li

20     Lipid production from hydrolysate of cassava starch by Rhodosporidium toruloides 21167 for biodiesel making - Qi Wang, Feng-Jun Guo, Yan-Jun Rong, Zhen-Ming Chi

21     Condition monitoring of wind turbines: Techniques and methods - Fausto Pedro Garcнa Mбrquez, Andrew Mark Tobias, Jesъs Marнa Pinar Pйrez, Mayorkinos Papaelias

22     Experimental validation of the optimum photovoltaic panels" tilt angle for remote consumers - John Kaldellis, Kosmas Kavadias, Dimitrios Zafirakis

23     Efficiency assessment of the hydro-power plants in Turkey by using Data Envelopment Analysis - Adnan Sцzen, İhsan Alp, Cuma Kilinc

24     Controllable hydrogen generation and hydrolysis mechanism of AlLi/NaBH4 system activated by CoCl2 solution - Mei-Qiang Fan, Shu Liu, Wen Qiang Sun, Yong Fei, Hua Pan, Kang-Ying Shu

25     Velocity and power density analysis of the wind at Letšeng-la-terae in Lesotho - Tebello Mathaba, Moeketsi Mpholo, Mosuoe Letuma

26     Monoalkyl viologens are effective carbohydrate O2-oxidation catalysts for electrical energy generation by fuel cells    Adam Read, Dane Hansen, Sekoti Aloi, William G. Pitt, Dean R. Wheeler, Gerald D. Watt

27     Assessment of climate change impacts on energy generation from renewable sources in Croatia Robert Pašičko, Čedo Branković, Zdenko Šimić

28     Protection of interconnected wind turbines against lightning effects: Overvoltages and electromagnetic transients study R.B. Rodrigues, V.M.F. Mendes, J.P.S. Catalгo

29     Data mining and wind power prediction: A literature review Ilhami Colak, Seref Sagiroglu, Mehmet Yesilbudak

30     Development of an equilibrium model for the simulation of thermochemical gasification and application to agricultural residues Emanuele Azzone, Mirko Morini, Michele Pinelli

31     Comparison of rumen microorganism and digester sludge dominated anaerobic digestion processes for aquatic plants Zheng-Bo Yue, Jin Wang, Xiao-Meng Liu, Han-Qing Yu

32     Thermal and thermohydraulic performance of counter and parallel flow packed bed solar air heaters Prashant Dhiman, N.S. Thakur, S.R. Chauhan

33     Development of a free vortex wake method code for offshore floating wind turbines         T. Sebastian, M.A. Lackner

34     Modeling and optimization of biogas production on saw dust and other co-substrates using Artificial Neural network and Genetic Algorithm E.B. Gueguim Kana, J.K. Oloke, A. Lateef, M.O. Adesiyan

35     Technical and economic studies on lighting systems: A case for LED lanterns and CFLs in rural Ghana C.K.K. Sekyere, F.K. Forson, F.O. Akuffo

36     Impact of wind speed variations on wind farm economy in the open market conditions Željko Đurišić, Jovan Mikulović, Iva Babić


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