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23.04.2014 10:54 - 70 RENEWABLE ENERGY WORLD SCIENTIFIC NEWS – April 2014
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•Bioenergy   •Geothermal   •Hydrogen •Hydropower   •Ocean   •Solar   •Wind

(France, Serbia, India, Mexico, Bangladesh, China, Nigeria, Lithuania, Korea, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tunisia, South Africa, USA)

1   Solar electricity generation across large geographic areas, Part II: A Pan-American energy system based on solar - Wolf D. Grossmann, Iris Grossmann, Karl W. Steininger

2   Purification technologies for crude biodiesel obtained by alkali-catalyzed transesterification - Ivan J. Stojković, Olivera S. Stamenković, Dragan S. Povrenović, Vlada B. Veljković

3   Assessment of the actual sustainability of nuclear fission power - Aviel Verbruggen, Erik Laes, Sanne Lemmens

4   Modeling maximum lipid productivity of microalgae: Review and next step - Yaoyang XU, Wiebke J. Boeing

5   The wastewater treatment in the biodiesel production with alkali-catalyzed transesterification - Vlada B. Veljković, Olivera S. Stamenković, Marija B. Tasić

6   Development policy to increase the competitiveness of renewable energy-sector companies in a territory like Corsica (France) - C. Cristofari, C. Storai, J.L. Canaletti

7   Performance improvement in an Indian wind farm by implementing design modifications in yaw and hub hydraulic systems—A case study - P.S. Mayurappriyan, Jovitha Jerome, T. Centhil Raj

8   A review of available methods for the alignment of mirror facets of solar concentrator in solar thermal power system - Lanxu Ren, Xiudong Wei, Zhenwu Lu, Weixing Yu, Wenbin Xu, Zhenfeng Shen

9   Impact analysis of wind farms on telecommunication services

Pages 84-99

I. Angulo, D. de la Vega, I. Cascуn, J. Caсizo, Y. Wu, D. Guerra, P. Angueira

10   Social acceptance of renewable energy sources: A review of contingent valuation applications - Eleni K. Stigka, John A. Paravantis, Giouli K. Mihalakakou

11   Conditions and possibilities of direct utilisation of thermal-mineral waters in Raska region, Serbia - Marko Joksimović, Mila A. Pavlović

12   Prospects of biodiesel from Pongamia in India - Gaurav Dwivedi, M.P. Sharma

13   Thermodynamic and economic feasibility of solar ponds for various thermal applications: A comprehensive review - K.R. Ranjan, S.C. Kaushik

14   Renewable energy research progress in Mexico: A review - Gibrбn S. Alemбn-Nava, Victor H. Casiano-Flores, Diana L. Cбrdenas-Chбvez, Rocнo Dнaz-Chavez, Nicolae Scarlat, Jьrgen Mahlknecht, Jean-Francois Dallemand, Roberto Parra

15   Energy security in Bangladesh perspective—An assessment and implication - Aminul Islam, Eng-Seng Chan, Yun Hin Taufiq-Yap, Md. Alam Hossain Mondal, M. Moniruzzaman, Moniruzzaman Mridha

16   Photovoltaic low power systems and their environmental impact:Yuma, Arizona, U.S.A. case study and projections for Mexicali, Mexico - Nйstor Santillбn Soto, O. Rafael Garcнa Cueto, Sara Ojeda Benнtez, Alejandro Adolfo Lambert Arista

17   Carbon dioxide emission reduction using molten carbonate fuel cell systems - Jung-Ho Wee

18   Review of software tools for hybrid renewable energy systems - Sunanda Sinha, S.S. Chandel

19   A review of wind loads on heliostats and trough collectors - Honghang Sun, Bo Gong, Qiang Yao

20   A review of coordination strategies and protection schemes for microgrids - Sachit A. Gopalan, Victor Sreeram, Herbert H.C. Iu

21   Extended exergy based ecological accounting for the transportation sector in China - Jing Dai, Bin Chen, Enrico Sciubba

22   Waste animal fats as feedstocks for biodiesel production - Ivana B. Banković-Ilić, Ivan J. Stojković, Olivera S. Stamenković, Vlada B. Veljkovic, Yung-Tse Hung

23   Review on probabilistic forecasting of wind power generation - Yao Zhang, Jianxue Wang, Xifan Wang

24   A large amount of idle capacity under rapid expansion: Policy analysis on the dilemma of wind power utilization in China - Zhongqun Wu, Hongxia Sun, Yihang Du

25   A study on energy and CO2 saving potential of ground source heat pump system in India - T. Sivasakthivel, K. Murugesan, P.K. Sahoo

26   Solar energy applications and development in Nigeria: Drivers and barriers - Olayinka S. Ohunakin, Muyiwa S. Adaramola, Olanrewaju. M. Oyewola, Richard O. Fagbenle

27   Focus on bioenergy industry development and energy security in China - Xingang Zhao, Pingkuo Liu

28   Material and manufacturing cost considerations for thermoelectrics - Saniya LeBlanc, Shannon K. Yee, Matthew L. Scullin, Chris Dames, Kenneth E. Goodson

29   Biofuels, sustainability and the transport sector in Lithuania - Laurencas Raslavičius, Artūras Keršys, Martynas Starevičius, Jonas Sapragonas, Žilvinas Bazaras

30   Effect of roughness geometries on heat transfer enhancement in solar thermal systems – A review - Vipin B. Gawande, A.S. Dhoble, D.B. Zodpe

31   Feasibility of diesel–biodiesel–ethanol/bioethanol blend as existing CI engine fuel: An assessment of properties, material compatibility, safety and combustion - S.A. Shahir, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam, A. Imran, I.M. Rizwanul Fattah, A. Sanjid

32   Tri-generation systems: Energy policies, prime movers, cooling technologies, configurations and operation strategies - M. Jradi, S. Riffat

33   The socio-political economy of electricity generation in China - Scott Victor Valentine

34   Factors affecting basin type solar still productivity: A detailed review - Ali. F. Muftah, M.A. Alghoul, Ahmad Fudholi, M.M. Abdul-Majeed, K. Sopian

35   Novel approaches for energy efficient solid state lighting by RGB organic light emitting diodes – A review - N. Thejokalyani, S.J. Dhoble

36   Evaluation of technologies for harvesting wave energy in Caspian Sea - Rezvan Alamian, Rouzbeh Shafaghat, S. Jalal Miri, Nima Yazdanshenas, Mostafa Shakeri

37   Various battery models for various simulation studies and applications - S.M. Mousavi G., M. Nikdel

38   A review of thermoelectrics research – Recent developments and potentials for sustainable and renewable energy applications - X.F. Zheng, C.X. Liu, Y.Y. Yan, Q. Wang

39   Bioenergy potential from crop residue biomass in India - Moonmoon Hiloidhari, Dhiman Das, D.C. Baruah

40   Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a medium-term option in the transition to sustainable fuels and transport - Laurencas Raslavičius, Artūras Keršys, Saulius Mockus, Neringa Keršienė, Martynas Starevičius

41   Train travel passengers" willingness to pay to offset their CO2 emissions in Korea - Hea-Jin Lim, Seung-Hoon Yoo

42   Life cycle assessment of the sugarcane bagasse electricity generation in Brazil - Diogo Aparecido Lopes Silva, Ivete Delai, Mary Laura Delgado Montes, Aldo Roberto Ometto

43   A review of direct torque control of induction motors for sustainable reliability and energy efficient drives - Tole Sutikno, Nik Rumzi Nik Idris, Auzani Jidin

44   The effect of bioenergy expansion: Food, energy, and environment - J. Popp, Z. Lakner, M. Harangi-Rбkos, M. Fбri

45   Multi criteria site selection model for wind-compressed air energy storage power plants in Iran - Mohammad Satkin, Younes Noorollahi, Majid Abbaspour, Hossein Yousefi

46   A review on high temperature thermochemical heat energy storage - P. Pardo, A. Deydier, Z. Anxionnaz-Minvielle, S. Rougй, M. Cabassud, P. Cognet

47   Applications of light-emitting diodes in researches conducted in aquatic environment - Naichia Yeh, Pulin Yeh, Naichien Shih, Omkar Byadgi, Ta Chih Cheng

48   A review of technical issues on the development of wind farms - G.M. Joselin Herbert, S. Iniyan, D. Amutha

49   Potential energy savings by radiative cooling system for a building in tropical climate - M. Hanif, T.M.I. Mahlia, A. Zare, T.J. Saksahdan, H.S.C. Metselaar

50   Current situation and prospect of China׳s geothermal resources - Xin-gang Zhao, Guan Wan

51   Photovoltaic technology selection: A fuzzy MCDM approach - Geerten van de Kaa, Jafar Rezaei, Linda Kamp, Allard de Winter

52   Assessing the low-carbon effects of inter-regional energy delivery in China"s electricity sector -

Qixin Chen, Chongqing Kang, Hao Ming, Zeyu Wang, Qing Xia, Guoxin Xu

53   A comparison of different one-diode models for the representation of I–V characteristic of a PV cell - Giuseppina Ciulla, Valerio Lo Brano, Vincenzo Di Dio, Giovanni Cipriani

54   Alternative fuels: An overview of current trends and scope for future - Sangeeta, Sudheshna Moka, Maneesha Pande, Monika Rani, Ruchi Gakhar, Madhur Sharma, Jyoti Rani, Ashok N. Bhaskarwar

55   A review on delignification of lignocellulosic biomass for enhancement of ethanol production potential - Renu Singh, Ashish Shukla, Sapna Tiwari, Monika Srivastava

56   Experiences in renewable energy and energy efficiency in Tunisia: Case study of a developing country - Lotfi Saidi, Farhat Fnaiech

57   A review of hydrogen and natural gas addition in diesel HCCI engines - A. Aziz Hairuddin, Talal Yusaf, Andrew P. Wandel

58   An assessment of anaerobic digestion capacity in Bangladesh - Khondokar M. Rahman, Ryan Woodard, Elizabeth Manzanares, Marie K. Harder

59   Energy production from biogas: A conceptual review for use in Nigeria - Temilola T. Olugasa, I.F. Odesola, M.O. Oyewola

60   Hydrogen production from simple alkanes and oxygenated hydrocarbons over ceria–zirconia supported catalysts: Review  - Gaurav Nahar, Valerie Dupont

61   A review of icing prevention in photovoltaic devices by surface engineering - R.M. Fillion, A.R. Riahi, A. Edrisy

62   An overview of fuel cell technology: Fundamentals and applications - Omar Z. Sharaf, Mehmet F. Orhan

63   Energy policy and financing options to achieve solar energy grid penetration targets: Accounting for external costs - Can Sener, Vasilis Fthenakis

64   Global experience with jatropha cultivation for bioenergy: An assessment of socio-economic and environmental aspects - Janske van Eijck, Henny Romijn, Annelies Balkema, Andrй Faaij

65   Wind energy resource in Northern Mexico - Q. Hernбndez-Escobedo, R. Saldaсa-Flores, E.R. Rodrнguez-Garcнa, F. Manzano-Agugliaro

66   Review of sugarcane trash recovery systems for energy cogeneration in South Africa - Jeff Smithers

67   Analysis on the policies of biomass power generation in China - Qin Zhang, Dequn Zhou, Xiaomeng Fang

68   Recovery of solar grade silicon from kerf loss slurry waste - Nadjib Drouiche, Patricia Cuellar, Fouad Kerkar, Sidali Medjahed, Nabila Boutouchent-Guerfi, Malek Ould Hamou

69   Power electronics in hydro electric energy systems – A review - R. Raja Singh, Thanga Raj Chelliah, Pramod Agarwal

70   High-resolution survey of tidal energy towards power generation and influence of sea-level-rise: A case study at coast of New Jersey, USA - H.S. Tang, S. Kraatz, K. Qu, G.Q. Chen, N. Aboobaker, C.B. Jiang


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