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04.03.2014 15:15 - Възобновяеми енергийни източници – 79 световни новости – февруари 2014
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Възобновяеми енергийни източници – 79 световни новости – февруари 2014

 (•Bioenergy •Geothermal •Hydrogen •Hydropower 
•Ocean   •Solar   •Wind


1   Microalgal biofuels: Flexible bioenergies for sustainable development - L.D. Zhu, E. Hiltunen, E. Antila, J.J. Zhong, Z.H. Yuan, Z.M. Wang

2   Natural gas from shale formation – The evolution, evidences and challenges of shale gas revolution in United States - Qiang Wang, Xi Chen, Awadhesh N. Jha, Howard Rogers

3   A comprehensive literature review of bio-fuel performance in internal combustion engine and relevant costs involvement - E. Sadeghinezhad, S.N. Kazi, Foad Sadeghinejad, A. Badarudin, Mohammad Mehrali, Rad Sadri, Mohammad Reza Safaei

4   Large-scale wind energy potential of the Caribbean region using near-surface reanalysis data - Xsitaaz T. Chadee, Ricardo M. Clarke

5   Efficiency achievement in water supply systems—A review - B. Coelho, A. Andrade-Campos

6   Progress in silica gel–water adsorption refrigeration technology - Dechang Wang, Jipeng Zhang, Xiaoliang Tian, Dawei Liu, K. Sumathy

7   Energy and exergy analysis of typical renewable energy systems - S.R. Park, A.K. Pandey, V.V. Tyagi, S.K. Tyagi

8   Direct rebound effect on urban residential electricity use: An empirical study in China - Zhaohua Wang, Milin Lu, Jian-Cai Wang

9   A review and recent developments in the optimal wind-turbine micro-siting problem - Javier Serrano Gonzбlez, Manuel Burgos Payбn, Jesъs Manuel Riquelme Santos, Francisco Gonzбlez-Longatt

10   Review of diffusion–absorption refrigeration technologies - J.L. Rodrнguez-Muсoz, J.M. Belman-Flores

11   Influence of different factors on the stability of biodiesel: A review - M.R. Jakeria, M.A. Fazal, A.S.M.A. Haseeb

12   Overview on fuel cells - Umberto Lucia

13   Reviewing electricity production cost assessments - Simon Larsson, Dean Fantazzini, Simon Davidsson, Sven Kullander, Mikael Hццk

14   Economic thermal insulation thickness for pipes and ducts: A review study - Omer Kaynakli

15   Progress in combustion investigations of hydrogen enriched hydrocarbons - Chenglong Tang, Yingjia Zhang, Zuohua Huang

16   Issues and solution approaches in PHEV integration to smart grid - Ashish Ranjan Hota, Mahesh Juvvanapudi, Prabodh Bajpai

17   Optimal utilisation of heat demand in district heating system—A case study - Alemayehu Gebremedhin

18   ESCO business models for biomass heating and CHP: Profitability of ESCO operations in Italy and key factors assessment - Antonio Pantaleo, Chiara Candelise, Ausilio Bauen, Nilay Shah

19   Prospects of applying ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents for renewable energy storage by means of redox flow batteries - Mohammed Harun Chakrabarti, Farouq Sabri Mjalli, Inas Muen AlNashef, Mohd. Ali Hashim, Mohd. Azlan Hussain, Laleh Bahadori, Chee Tong John Low

20   Green building research–current status and future agenda: A review - Jian Zuo, Zhen-Yu Zhao

21   An improved approach to extract the single-diode equivalent circuit parameters of a photovoltaic cell/panel - Simon Lineykin, Moshe Averbukh, Alon Kuperman

22   Electricity consumption from renewable and non-renewable sources and economic growth: Evidence from Latin American countries - Usama Al-mulali, Hassan Gholipour Fereidouni, Janice Y.M. Lee

23   Assessment of hybrid renewable power sources for rural electrification in Malaysia - M. Fadaeenejad, M.A.M. Radzi, M.Z.A. AbKadir, H. Hizam

24   Second-generation bioethanol production from water hyacinth and duckweed in Izmir: A case study - Asiye Gьl Bayrakci, Gьnnur Koзar

25   Energy access indicators and trends in Ghana - Gifty Serwaa Mensah, Francis Kemausuor, Abeeku Brew-Hammond

26   Effect of thermal annealing on P3HT:PCBM bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells: A critical review - Xiaohan Yang, Ashraf Uddin

27   A review on thermoelectric renewable energy: Principle parameters that affect their performance - Mohamed Hamid Elsheikh, Dhafer Abdulameer Shnawah, Mohd Faizul Mohd Sabri, Suhana Binti Mohd Said, Masjuki Haji Hassan, Mohamed Bashir Ali Bashir, Mahazani Mohamad

28   Effect of antioxidants on oxidation stability of biodiesel derived from vegetable and animal based feedstocks - I.M. Rizwanul Fattah, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam, M.A. Hazrat, B.M. Masum, S. Imtenan, A.M. Ashraful

29   The barriers and institutional arrangements of the implementation of renewable portfolio standard: A perspective of ChinaReview Article

Pages 371-380

Zhao Xin-gang, Feng Tian-tian, Cui Lu, Feng Xia

30   Can law impose competition? A critical discussion and evidence from the Turkish electricity generation market - Fuat Oğuz, K. Ali Akkemik, Koray Gцksal

31   A review of membrane technology for bioethanol production - Ping Wei, Li-Hua Cheng, Lin Zhang, Xin-Hua Xu, Huan-lin Chen, Cong-jie Gao

32   Making the deployment of pico-PV more sustainable along the value chain - Stephanie Hirmer, Heather Cruickshank

33   Power generation with biogas from municipal solid waste: Prediction of gas generation with in situ parameters - Quetzalli Aguilar-Virgen, Paul Taboada-Gonzбlez, Sara Ojeda-Benнtez, Samantha Cruz-Sotelo

34   Sustainable energy development – Lithuania"s way to energy supply security and energetics independence - Vladislovas Katinas, Antanas Markevicius, Eugenijus Perednis, Juozas Savickas

35   Optimum shunt capacitor placement in distribution system—A review and comparative study - M.M. Aman, G.B. Jasmon, A.H.A. Bakar, H. Mokhlis, M. Karimi

36   Assessment of adsorber bed designs in waste-heat driven adsorption cooling systems for vehicle air conditioning and refrigeration - Amir Sharafian, Majid Bahrami

37   A comprehensive review on wind turbine power curve modeling techniques - M. Lydia, S. Suresh Kumar, A. Immanuel Selvakumar, G. Edwin Prem Kumar

38   Demand response and smart grids—A survey - Pierluigi Siano

39   High-resolution model-based wind atlas for Greece - V. Kotroni, K. Lagouvardos, S. Lykoudis

40   Categorization of residential electricity consumption as a basis for the assessment of the impacts of demand response actions - Ana Soares, Бlvaro Gomes, Carlos Henggeler Antunes

41   Biomass energy in Bangladesh: Current status and prospects - A.S.N. Huda, S. Mekhilef, A. Ahsan

42   Current status and future prospects of hydropower in Saxony (Germany) compared to trends in Germany, the European Union and the World - Bernd Spдnhoff

43   Dynamic thermal models and CFD analysis for flat-plate thermal solar collectors – A review - Luca A. Tagliafico, Federico Scarpa, Mattia De Rosa

44   A review of frosting in air-to-air energy exchangers - Mohammad Rafati Nasr, Melanie Fauchoux, Robert W. Besant, Carey J. Simonson

45   Environmental efficiency of investments in renewable energy: Comparative analysis at macroeconomic level - Claudiu Cicea, Corina Marinescu, Ion Popa, Cosmin Dobrin

46   Review of hydrogen-enriched gas production from steam gasification of biomass: The prospect of CaO-based chemical looping gasification - Jakkapong Udomsirichakorn, P. Abdul Salam

47   A comprehensive review on biomass cookstoves and a systematic approach for modern cookstove design - Milind P. Kshirsagar, Vilas R. Kalamkar

48   Are we there yet? Improving solar PV economics and power planning in developing countries: The case of Kenya - Janosch Ondraczek

49   A review of the technologies, economics and policy instruments for decarbonising energy-intensive manufacturing industries - T.A. Napp, A. Gambhir, T.P. Hills, N. Florin, P.S Fennell

50   An analysis of wind energy potential and economic evaluation in Zahedan, Iran - Ali Mostafaeipour, Mohsen Jadidi, Kasra Mohammadi, Ahmad Sedaghat

51   Perspectives of carbon nanotubes/polymer nanocomposites for wind blade materials - Peng-Cheng Ma, Yi Zhang

52   Review of energy models to the development of an efficient industrial energy model -

O.A Olanrewaju, A.A Jimoh

53   Evaluation of infrared techniques for the assessment of biomass and biofuel quality parameters and conversion technology processes: A review - Dara T. Chadwick, Kevin P. McDonnell, Liam P. Brennan, Colette C. Fagan, Colm D. Everard

54   Optimization methods applied for Wind–PSP operation and scheduling under deregulated market: A review - Javed Dhillon, Arun Kumar, S.K. Singal

55   Energy and hydraulic efficiency in conventional water supply systems - Mateus Ricardo Nogueira Vilanova, Josй Antфnio Perrella Balestieri

56   Transition and transformation: A bibliometric analysis of two scientific networks researching socio-technical change - Emile J.L. Chappin, Andreas Ligtvoet

57   Energy use efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of farming systems in north Iran - Ali Mohammadi, Shahin Rafiee, Ali Jafari, Alireza Keyhani, Seyed Hashem Mousavi-Avval, Sanderine Nonhebel

58   Advances in surface passivation and emitter optimization techniques of c-Si solar cells - Mohammad Ziaur Rahman

59   Renewable hydrogen economy in Asia – Opportunities and challenges: An overview -

Manoj Pudukudy, Zahira Yaakob, Masita Mohammad, Binitha Narayanan, Kamaruzzaman Sopian

60   High-efficiency thermodynamic power cycles for concentrated solar power systems -

Marc T. Dunham, Brian D. Iverson

61   Geothermal energy potential of southwestern of Saudi Arabia "exploration and possible power generation": A case study at Al Khouba area – Jizan - Aref Lashin, Nassir Al Arifi

62   Wind energy resource assessment of Izmit in the West Black Sea Coastal Region of Turkey - Serhat Kucukali, Зiğdem Dinзkal

63   Overview of power inverter topologies and control structures for grid connected photovoltaic systems - L. Hassaine, E. OLias, J. Quintero, V. Salas

64   Energy in the urban water cycle: Actions to reduce the total expenditure of fossil fuels with emphasis on heat reclamation from urban water - J.A. Elнas-Maxil, Jan Peter van der Hoek, Jan Hofman, Luuk Rietveld

65   Sizing stand-alone photovoltaic–wind hybrid system: Techno-economic analysis and optimization - Hocine Belmili, Mourad Haddadi, Seddik Bacha, Mohamed Fayзal Almi, Boualem Bendib

66   Improving the electricity efficiency in South Africa through a benchmark-and-trade system - Roula Inglesi-Lotz, James N. Blignaut

67   Investigations on pump running in turbine mode: A review of the state-of-the-art - Sanjay V. Jain, Rajesh N. Patel

68   Thermodynamic and economic analysis of hydrogen production integration in the Brazilian sugar and alcohol industry - Jose Luz Silveira, Celso Eduardo Tuna, Wendell de Queiroz Lamas, Marcio Evaristo da Silva, Valdisley Jose Martinelli

69   Location optimization of wind power generation–transmission systems under uncertainty using hierarchical fuzzy DEA: A case study - Ali Azadeh, Armin Rahimi-Golkhandan, Mohsen Moghaddam

70   Methane emissions in China 2007 - Bo Zhang, G.Q. Chen

71   Satisfying the rural residential demand in Liberia with decentralized renewable energy schemes - Jose Alfaro, Shelie Miller

72   Trends and challenges of sustainable energy and water research in North Africa: Sahara solar breeder concerns at the intersection of energy/water - A. Boudghene Stambouli, Z. Khiat, S. Flazi, H. Tanemoto, M. Nakajima, H. Isoda, F. Yokoyama, S. Hannachi, K. Kurokawa, M. Shimizu, H. Koinuma, N. Yassaa

73   Not Under Our Back Yards? A case study of social acceptance of the Northern Netherlands CCS initiative - Herman W.A. van Os, Rien Herber, Bert Scholtens

74   Exploring temporal and spatial evolution of global energy production and consumption - Wenwen Wang, Ming Zhang, Peng Li

75   Hydrogen production from catalytic steam reforming of biodiesel byproduct glycerol: Issues and challenges - Binlin Dou, Yongchen Song, Chao Wang, Haisheng Chen, Yujie Xu

76   Engine combustion, performance and emission characteristics of gas to liquid (GTL) fuels and its blends with diesel and bio-diesel - H. Sajjad, H.H. Masjuki, M. Varman, M.A. Kalam, M.I. Arbab, S. Imtenan, S.M. Ashrafur Rahman

77   Numerical simulation of geothermal reservoirs for the sustainable design of energy plants: A review - Alessandro Franco, Maurizio Vaccaro

78   A comprehensive model for the German electricity and heat sector in a future energy system with a dominant contribution from renewable energy technologies—Part I: Methodology - Hans-Martin Henning, Andreas Palzer

79   A comprehensive model for the German electricity and heat sector in a future energy system with a dominant contribution from renewable energy technologies – Part II: Results - Andreas Palzer, Hans-Martin Henning

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