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26.11.2013 10:39 - Световни новини в областта на ОБНОВЯЕМИТЕ ЕНЕРГИИ – ноември 2013-11-26
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Световни новини в областта на ОБНОВЯЕМИТЕ ЕНЕРГИИ – ноември 2013-11-26

•Bioenergy   •Geothermal   •Hydrogen •Hydropower   •Ocean   •Solar   •Wind

1   Field crop residue estimate and availability for biofuel production in China - Xiaoyu Wang, Lu Yang, Yosef Steinberger, Zuxin Liu, Shuhua Liao, Guanghui Xie

2   Status of solar wind renewable energy in India - Vikas Khare, Savita Nema, Prashant Baredar

3   A review of thermochemical conversion of microalgae - A. Marcilla, L. Catalб, J.C. Garcнa-Quesada, F.J. Valdйs, M.R. Hernбndez

4   A comparative study of optimal hybrid methods for wind power prediction in wind farm of Alberta, Canada - Nooshin Bigdeli, Karim Afshar, Amin Shokri Gazafroudi, Mostafa Yousefi Ramandi

5   Second generation biofuels and bioinvasions: An evaluation of invasive risks and policy responses in the United States and Canada - A.L. Smith, N. Klenk, S. Wood, N. Hewitt, I. Henriques, N. Yan, D.R. Bazely

6   Developing sustainable building assessment scheme for Saudi Arabia: Delphi consultation approach - Saleh. H. Alyami, Yacine Rezgui, Alan Kwan

7   Measures for increasing demand of solar energy - Valentinas Klevas, Lina Murauskaite, Audrone Kleviene, Eugenijus Perednis

8   Review of solar irradiance forecasting methods and a proposition for small-scale insular grids - Maimouna Diagne, Mathieu David, Philippe Lauret, John Boland, Nicolas Schmutz

9   Lignocellulosic biomass to bioethanol, a comprehensive review with a focus on pretreatment - Sohrab Haghighi Mood, Amir Hossein Golfeshan, Meisam Tabatabaei, Gholamreza Salehi Jouzani, Gholam Hassan Najafi, Mehdi Gholami, Mehdi Ardjmand

10   Review of HVAC scheduling techniques for buildings towards energy-efficient and cost-effective operations - Mohamad Fadzli Haniff, Hazlina Selamat, Rubiyah Yusof, Salinda Buyamin, Fatimah Sham Ismail

11   Materials and methods for encapsulation of OPV: A review - Jakaria Ahmad, Kateryna Bazaka, Liam J. Anderson, Ronald D. White, Mohan V. Jacob

12   Glycerol production and its applications as a raw material: A review - H.W. Tan, A.R. Abdul Aziz, M.K. Aroua

13   Progress in energy from microalgae: A review - Ali Bahadar, M. Bilal Khan

14   Investigation on the development potential of rooftop PV system in Hong Kong and its environmental benefits - Jinqing Peng, Lin Lu

15   Analysis of barriers to implement solar power installations in India using interpretive structural modeling technique - Md. Fahim Ansari, Ravinder Kumar Kharb, Sunil Luthra, S.L. Shimmi, S. Chatterji

16   Solar radiation manipulations and their role in greenhouse claddings: Fluorescent solar concentrators, photoselective and other materials - Chr. Lamnatou, D. Chemisana

17   Artificial Intelligent Meter development based on Advanced Metering Infrastructure technology - A.F.A. Aziz, S.N. Khalid, M.W. Mustafa, H. Shareef, G. Aliyu

18   A review on exergy analysis of industrial sector - G. BoroumandJazi, B. Rismanchi, R. Saidur

19   Potential hydrogen and non-condensable gases production from biomass pyrolysis: Insights into the process variables - Md. Nasir Uddin, W.M.A. Wan Daud, Hazim F. Abbas

20   Selection of MCA methods to support decision making for renewable energy developments - Thomas Kurka, David Blackwood

21   Overview of subsynchronous resonance analysis and control in wind turbines - Hosein Ghasemi, G.B. Gharehpetian, Seyed Ali Nabavi-Niaki, Jamshid Aghaei

22   The assessment of extreme wave analysis methods applied to potential marine energy sites using numerical model data - Atul Agarwal, Vengatesan Venugopal, Gareth P. Harrison

23   State-of-the-art of solar thermal power plants—A review - V. Siva Reddy, S.C. Kaushik, K.R. Ranjan, S.K. Tyagi

24   Economic impacts of biofuels deployment in Andalusia - JM Cansino, MA Cardenete, JM Gonzбlez-Limуn, R Romбn

25   Energy retrofit of a single-family house: Life cycle net energy saving and environmental benefits - Marco Beccali, Maurizio Cellura, Mario Fontana, Sonia Longo, Marina Mistretta

26   Assessing the benefits and costs of renewable electricity. The Spanish case - Margarita Ortega, Pablo del Rнo, Eduardo A. Montero

27   Comprehensive review of cooling and heating degree days characteristics over Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - L.M. Al-Hadhrami

28   Reviewing the potential and cost-effectiveness of grid-connected solar PV in Indonesia on a provincial level - A.J. Veldhuis, A.H.M.E. Reinders

29   Toward a sustainable energy future in Turkey: An environmental perspective - Huseyin Serencam, Ugur Serencam

30   Review on nanostructured photoelectrodes for next generation dye-sensitized solar cells - Josй Maзaira, Luнsa Andrade, Adйlio Mendes

31   Energy and exergy analysis of the airflow inside a solar chimney - C.B. Maia, J.O. Castro Silva, L. Cabezas-Gуmez, S.M. Hanriot, A.G. Ferreira

32   A review of measure-correlate-predict (MCP) methods used to estimate long-term wind characteristics at a target site - Josй A. Carta, Sergio Velбzquez, Pedro Cabrera

33   Plug-in driven architecture for renewable energy generation monitoring - F. Xavier Villasevil, Julio E. Vigara, Lautaro Chiarle

34   Sustainability analysis of biodiesel production: A review on different resources in Brazil - A.O. Costa, L.B. Oliveira, M.P.E. Lins, A.C.M. Silva, M.S.M. Araujo, A.O. Pereira Jr., L.P. Rosa

35   Review of wave energy technologies and the necessary power-equipment - Iraide Lуpez, Jon Andreu, Salvador Ceballos, Iсigo Martнnez de Alegrнa, Iсigo Kortabarria

36   Determining the sustainability of large-scale photovoltaic solar power plants - Jason Phillips

37   Biodiesel production from used cooking oil: A review - Carlos Daniel Mandolesi de Araъjo, Claudia Cristina de Andrade, Erika de Souza e Silva, Francisco Antonio Dupas

38   Status of renewable energy consumption and developmental challenges in Sub-Sahara Africa - Y.S. Mohammed, M.W. Mustafa, N. Bashir

39   Geographical and environmental perspectives for the sustainable development of renewable energy in urbanizing China - Chao Bao, Chuang-lin Fang

40   Glycerol: Production, consumption, prices, characterization and new trends in combustion - Cйsar A.G. Quispe, Christian J.R. Coronado, Joгo A. Carvalho Jr.

41   Sustainable solar energy conversion to chemical and electrical energy - Navid Reza Moheimani, David Parlevliet

42   A new control strategy of solid oxide fuel cell based on coordination between hydrogen fuel flow rate and utilization factor - Majid Nayeripour, Mohammad Hoseintabar

43   Social acceptance of ocean wave energy: A case study of an OWC shoreline plant - Iсaki Heras-Saizarbitoria, Ibon Zamanillo, Iker Laskurain

44   Application of decision tree and discrete wavelet transform for an optimized intelligent-based islanding detection method in distributed systems with distributed generations - Mehrdad Heidari, Ghodratollah Seifossadat, Morteza Razaz

45   A review on green energy potentials in Iran - Seyed Ehsan Hosseini, Amin Mahmoudzadeh Andwari, Mazlan Abdul Wahid, Ghobad Bagheri

46   Hydrothermal conversion of lignin: A review - Shimin Kang, Xianglan Li, Juan Fan, Jie Chang

47   Integrated evaluation of embodied energy, greenhouse gas emission and economic performance of a typical wind farm in China - Jin Yang, Bin Chen

48   Business structure in renewable energy industry: Key areas - Alireza Aslani, Ali Mohaghar

49   Renewable Energy Projects: Acceptance Risks and Their Management - Marion Hitzeroth, Andreas Megerle

50   Review of Yunnan"s hydropower development. Comparing small and large hydropower projects regarding their environmental implications and socio-economic consequences - Thomas Hennig, Wenling Wang, Yan Feng, Xiaokun Ou, Daming He

51   Algae biomass as an alternative substrate in biogas production technologies—Review

- Marcin Dębowski, Marcin Zieliński, Anna Grala, Magda Dudek

52   Optimum estimation and forecasting of renewable energy consumption by artificial neural networks - A. Azadeh, R. Babazadeh, S.M. Asadzadeh

53   Wind power grouping forecasts and its uncertainty analysis using optimized relevance vector machine - Jie Yan, Yongqian Liu, Shuang Han, Meng Qiu

54   Integrated CO2 capture, wastewater treatment and biofuel production by microalgae culturing—A review - Shaikh A. Razzak, Mohammad M. Hossain, Rahima A. Lucky, Amarjeet S. Bassi, Hugo de Lasa

55   Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in India – A performance analysis and future outlook - Kapil Narula

56   Impact of palm, mustard, waste cooking oil and Calophyllum inophyllum biofuels on performance and emission of CI engine - A. Sanjid, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam, S.M. Ashrafur Rahman, M.J. Abedin, S.M. Palash

57   The impact of sustainable construction and knowledge management on sustainability goals. A review of the Venezuelan renewable energy sector - Licia Pietrosemoli, Carlos Rodrнguez Monroy

58   An overview on doubly fed induction generators′ controls and contributions to wind based electricity generation - Abdullah Asuhaimi B. Mohd Zin, Mahmoud Pesaran H.A., Azhar B. Khairuddin, Leila Jahanshaloo, Omid Shariati

59   Energy, exergy and thermo-economic analysis of solar distillation systems: A review - K.R. Ranjan, S.C. Kaushik

60   High temperature latent heat thermal energy storage: Phase change materials, design considerations and performance enhancement techniques - Bruno Cбrdenas, Noel Leуn

61   Comparative study of stand-alone and hybrid solar energy systems suitable for off-grid rural electrification: A review - R.K. Akikur, R. Saidur, H.W. Ping, K.R. Ullah

62   Performance and degradation analysis for long term reliability of solar photovoltaic systems: A review - Vikrant Sharma, S.S. Chandel

63   Renewable energy production in the Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship (Poland) - Bartłomiej Igliński, Roman Buczkowski, Marcin Cichosz, Grzegorz Piechota, Wojciech Kujawski, Marta Plaskacz

64   A comparative overview of large-scale battery systems for electricity storage - Andreas Poullikkas

65   Perspective of apple processing wastes as low-cost substrates for bioproduction of high value products: A review - Gurpreet Singh Dhillon, Surinder Kaur, Satinder Kaur Brar

66   Sustainable soy biodiesel - M.F. Milazzo, F. Spina, S. Cavallaro, J.C.J. Bart

67   A comparative study of total, direct and diffuse solar irradiance by using different models on horizontal and inclined surfaces for Cairo, Egypt - Samy A. Khalil, A.M. Shaffie

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