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1    Power generation efficiency analysis of offshore wind farms connected to a SLPC (single large power converter) operated with variable frequencies considering wake effects - Energy, Volume 37, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 455-468 - Mikel de Prada Gil, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt, Andreas Sumper, Joan Bergas-Janй

Highlights: ► Comparative analysis of power extraction efficiency between two different WF alternatives, according to the power converters layout being used. ► Conventional alternative: a power converter for each wind turbine. ► Proposed alternative: one power converter for the whole wind farm. ► A detailed wake model considering single, partial and multiple wakes within the entire wind farm has been implemented. ► Parameters such as wind directions, spatial wind speed variability and the number of turbines have been taken into account.

2    A transient analysis of a scaled model for a submarine cable connected with an offshore wind farm - Electric Power Systems Research, Volume 85, April 2012, Pages 59-63 - K. Yamabuki, K. Kubori

3    An economic assessment of tropical cyclone risk on offshore wind farms - Renewable Energy, Volume 44, August 2012, Pages 180-192 - Lixuan Hong, Bernd Mцller

Highlights: ► A GIS-model was developed to evaluate economic risks of tropical cyclones on offshore wind farms. ► Current design standards for offshore turbines were summarized. ► Expected annual economic loss and economic risk during lifetime were identified. ► The implications on site selection, offshore wind potential and costs were analyzed. ► The limitations of the model and future studies were discussed.

4    Optimum voltage control for loss minimization in HVDC multi-terminal transmission systems for large offshore wind farms - Electric Power Systems Research, Volume 89, August 2012, Pages 54-63 - Mтnica Aragьйs-Peсalba, Agustн Egea-Аlvarez, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt, Andreas Sumper

Highlights: ► We design an algorithm based on an OPF approach ensuring loss minimzation in HVDC multi-terminal transmission systems. ► We compare the control scheme based on this algorithm with voltage droop control. ► Voltage droop control does not lead to optimal efficiency for all the range powers generated by wind farms. With droop control, it is only possible to maximize efficiency for a single operating point which is the nominal wind farms power. For lower generation power, efficiency is not maximized. ► The proposed control scheme reduces significantly losses without a large investment, assuming that communication systems are already available as they are needed for the protections.

5    Wind energy development and its environmental impact: A review - Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2012, Pages 1031-1039 - Dennis Y.C. Leung, Yuan Yang

6    Optimal reactive power allocation in an offshore wind farms with LCC-HVdc link connection - Renewable Energy, Volume 40, Issue 1, April 2012, Pages 157-166 - Miguel Montilla-DJesus, David Santos-Martin, Santiago Arnaltes, Edgardo D. Castronuovo

7    Spectral coherence model for power fluctuations in a wind farm - Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Volume 102, March 2012, Pages 14-21 - A. Vigueras-Rodrнguez, P. Sшrensen, A. Viedma, M.H. Donovan, E. Gуmez Lбzaro

Highlights: ► Nine months of wind speed data in a large offshore wind farm are analysed. ► Current spectral coherence models are not suitable for power fluctuation studies. ► Influence of distance, average wind speed or inflow angle are evaluated. ► Spectral coherence models between wind speeds in a horizontal plane are proposed.

8    A Response Surface-Based Cost Model for Wind Farm Design - Energy Policy, Volume 42, March 2012, Pages 538-550 - Jie Zhang, Souma Chowdhury, Achille Messac, Luciano Castillo

Highlights: ► We present a Response Surface-Based Wind Farm Cost (RS-WFC) model for wind farm design. ► The model could estimate installation cost, Operation and Maintenance cost, and total annual cost of a wind farm. ► The Cost of Energy is optimized using Particle Swarm Optimization. ► Layout optimization could yield significant cost savings.

9    Unrestricted wind farm layout optimization (UWFLO): Investigating key factors influencing the maximum power generation - Renewable Energy, Volume 38, Issue 1, February 2012, Pages 16-30 - Souma Chowdhury, Jie Zhang, Achille Messac, Luciano Castillo

Highlights: ► An array layout or a grid-based layout pattern is not assumed. ► A variable induction factor and a partial wake-rotor overlap are accounted for. ► Using turbines with differing rotor diameters increased the farm power remarkably. ► Selecting an appropriate land area per turbine is crucial to optimal farm design. ► The PSO algorithm is suitable for wind farm layout optimization.

10    Reducing the current harmonics of a wind farm generation based on VSC-HVDC transmission line by shunt active power filters - Energy Procedia, Volume 14, 2012, Pages 861-866 - Salman Badkubi, Daryoosh Nazarpour, Javad Khazaie, Mansour Khalilian, Maghsoud mokhtari

11    Opportunistic maintenance for wind farms considering multi-level imperfect maintenance thresholds - Renewable Energy, Volume 45, September 2012, Pages 175-182 - Fangfang Ding, Zhigang Tian


► Operation & maintenance are critical for reducing costs of wind power projects. ► Time-based preventive maintenance strategies are currently widely used in practice. ► Few methods are available for optimizing these strategies. ► Focus on opportunistic maintenance considering imperfect maintenance actions. ► The developed methods can bring immediate benefits to wind power industry.

12    Design of wind farm layout using ant colony algorithm - Renewable Energy, Volume 44, August 2012, Pages 53-62 - Yunus Eroğlu, Serap Ulusam Seзkiner

Highlights: ► Ant colony optimization (ACO) was used to optimize wind farm layout for maximizing the expected energy output. ► Wake losses are very sensitive to the number of turbines which have different layouts. ► Three wind scenarios were tested to find optimum wind farm layout.

13    Modeling and voltage-control of variable-speed SCAG-based wind farm - Renewable Energy, Volume 42, June 2012, Pages 28-35 - Haejoon An, Heesang Ko, Hongwoo Kim, Hyungoo Kim, Seokwoo Kim, Gilsoo Jang, Byongjun Lee

14    Wind power or uranium mine: Appraisal of two energy-related environmental changes in a local context - Energy Policy, Volume 44, May 2012, Pages 312-319 - Eja Pedersen, Maria Johansson

Highlights: ► We studied the appraisal of proposed local environmental changes due to energy facilities. ► A wind farm was appraised as beneficial and drilling for uranium mine as threatening. ► Attitudes towards wind and nuclear power were strongly associated with appraisal outcome. ► Concern for the environment, closeness to nature and participation also played a role.

15    Noise impact assessment on the basis of onsite acoustic noise immission measurements for a representative wind farm - Renewable Energy, Volume 41, May 2012, Pages 306-314 - J.K. Kaldellis, K. Garakis, M. Kapsali

Highlights: ► This study evaluates the noise level immission using real acoustic measurements. ► Emphasis is given on the development of a reliable experimental process. ► Based on the results, wind farms are considered relatively low noise emission sources. ► The experimental measurements are compared with simulation results. ► Validation of the noise level prediction models is obtained.


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