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15.04.2013 16:13 - Новости в областта на термоядрените реактори
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Новости в областта на термоядрените реактори

1     Neutronics design analyses of fusion power reactors based on a novel integral approach , June 2009, U. Fischer, D. GroЯe, P. Pereslavtsev, S. Stickel, H. Tsige-Tamirat, V. Weber

2     Analysis on tritium controlling of the dual-cooled lithium lead blanket for fusion power reactor FDS-II, June 2009, Yong Song, Qunying Huang, Yongliang Wang, Muyi Ni

3     Thermal-hydraulics design and analysis on a helium-cooled high power density blanket for a fusion–fission hybrid reactor, December 2010, Ming Jin, Yunqing Bai, Jieqiong Jiang

4     Power conversion systems based on Brayton cycles for fusion reactors, October 2011, J.I. Linares, L.E. Herranz, B.Y. Moratilla, I.P. Serrano

5     NAPTH: Neutronics analysis code system for the fusion–fission hybrid reactor with pressure tube type blanket, March 2013, Tiejun Zu, Hongchun Wu, Youqi Zheng, Liangzhi Cao, Chao Yang


► A new code system for the neutronics analysis of the fusion–fission hybrid reactor with pressure tube type blanket is developed. ► The code system can perform the neutrions analysis based on precise geometry. ► The numerical results indicate that the code system is reliable and efficient for the conceptual design of a pressure tube type fusion–fission hybrid reactor.

6     Tritium analysis of fusion-based hydrogen production reactor FDS-III, December 2010, Yong Song, Qunying Huang, Muyi Ni

7     Design studies of innovatively small fusion reactor based on biomass-fusion hybrid concept: GNOME, October 2011, K. Ibano, H. Utoh, K. Tobita, Y. Yamamoto, S. Konishi

8     Neutronics analysis of the power flattening and minor actinides burning in a thorium-based fusion–fission hybrid reactor blanket, September 2012, X.B. Ma, Y.X. Chen, G.P. Quan, L.Z. Wang, D.G. Lu


► Neutronics analysis of the power flattening and minor actinides burning in a thorium-based fusion–fission hybrid reactor blanket. ► The blanket is self-sustaining with TBR > 1.05. ► The peak-to-average fission power density ratio is less than 1.66 and 1.68 for both Cases A and B. ► The blanket energy multiplication factor M varies between 13.8 and 29.6.

9     Nuclear performance analyses of the HCLL breeder blanket for a fusion power reactor, June 2009, J. Jordanova, U. Fischer, P. Pereslavtsev

10     Divertor modelling for conceptual studies of tokamak fusion reactor FDS-III, December 2010, YiPing Chen, Songlin Liu

11     Nuclear design analyses of the helium cooled lithium lead blanket for a fusion power demonstration reactor, December 2010, U. Fischer, P. Pereslavtsev, D. Grosse, V. Weber, A. Li Puma, F. Gabriel

12     The neutronics studies of a fusion fission hybrid reactor using pressure tube blankets, September 2012, Youqi Zheng, Tiejun Zu, Hongchun Wu, Liangzhi Cao, Chao Yang

13     Conceptual design study of fusion DEMO plant at SWIP, December 2009, K.M. Feng, G.S. Zhang, G.Y. Zheng, Z. Zhao, T. Yuan, Z.Q. Li, G.Z. Sheng, C.H. Pan

14     Neutronics analysis of water-cooled energy production blanket for a fusion–fission hybrid reactor, December 2010, Jieqiong Jiang, Minghuang Wang, Zhong Chen, Yuefeng Qiu, Jinchao Liu, Yunqing Bai, Hongli Chen, Yanglin Hu

15     Processing and characterization of a W–2Y material for fusion power reactors, October 2011, Lyubomira Veleva, Robin Schдublin, Tomasz Plocinski, Mario Walter, Nadine Baluc

16     The potential presence and minimisation of plutonium within the irradiated beryllium in fusion power plants, December 2010, G. Cambi, D.G. Cepraga, L. Di Pace, F. Druyts, V. Massaut

17     Neutronic calculations of a thorium-based fusion–fission hybrid reactor blanket, December 2010, X.B. Ma, Y.X. Chen, Y. Wang, P.Z. Zhang, B. Cao, D.G. Lu, H.P. Cheng

18     Direct extrapolation of radial profile data to a self-ignited fusion reactor based on the gyro-Bohm model, December 2011, J. Miyazawa, T. Goto, T. Morisaki, M. Goto, R. Sakamoto, G. Motojima, B.J. Peterson, C. Suzuki, K. Ida, H. Yamada, A. Sagara, FFHR Design Group


► The DPE method predicts temperature and density profiles in a fusion reactor. ► This method is based on the gyro-Bohm type parameter dependence. ► The size of fusion reactor is determined to fulfill the power balance. ► The reactor size is proportional to a factor and −4/3 power of the magnetic field. ► This factor can be a measure of plasma performance like the fusion triple product.

19     Design and analysis on tritium system of multi-functional experimental fusion–fission hybrid reactor (FDS-MFX), August 2012, Muyi Ni, Yong Song, Ming Jin, Jieqiong Jiang, Qunying Huang


► A concept of the tritium system was designed for the FDS-MFX. ► The system parameters were presented and discussed in detail. ► A theoretical analysis of tritium recovery system has been made on the operation condition. ► Three step TEP system was design and its permeating capacity was estimated. ► The model of three-column ISS and the SDS was also carried out.

20     Design and analysis of helium Brayton power cycles for HiPER reactor ,

4 January 2013, Consuelo Sбnchez, Rafael Juбrez, Javier Sanz, Manuel Perlado


► A helium Brayton cycle has been designed integrating the two energy sources of HiPER. ► The Brayton cycle has intercooling stages and a recovery process. ► The low temperature of HiPER heat sources results in low cycle efficiency (35.2%). ► Two inter-cooling stages and a reheating process increases efficiency to over 37%. ► Helium Brayton cycles are to be considered as candidates for HiPER power cycles.

21     Numerical modeling and design of supercritical CO2 pre-cooler for fusion nuclear reactors, August 2012, Pages 1329-1332, I.P. Serrano, A. Cantizano, J.I. Linares, B.Y. Moratilla, I. Fernandez-Berceruelo, L. Sedano


► We model a precooler in a Feher cycle for fusion reactor. ► We design the heat exchanger using open literature correlations. ► We simulate the performance of the exchanger using CFD techniques. ► Properties of CO2 experience sharp variations due to the proximity to critical point. ► Actual performance of exchanger obtained versus width expected from correlations.

22     Neutronic design analyses for a dual-coolant blanket concept: Optimization for a fusion reactor DEMO, August 2012, I. Palermo, J.M. Gуmez-Ros, G. Veredas, J. Sanz, L. Sedano


► Dual-Coolant He/Pb15.7Li breeding blanket for a DEMO fusion reactor is studied. ► An iterative process optimizes neutronic responses minimizing reactor dimension. ► A 3D toroidally symmetric geometry has been generated from the CAD model. ► Overall TBR values support the feasibility of the conceptual model considered. ► Power density in TF coils is below load limit for quenching.

23     Findings of the US research needs workshop on the topic of fusion power, December 2010, W.R. Meier, A.R. Raffray, R.J. Kurtz, N.B. Morley, W.T. Reiersen, P. Sharpe, S. Willms

24     Liquid lithium divertor system for fusion reactor, June 2009, Yoshio Nagayama

25     Effect of outside tritium source on tritium balance of a D-T fusion reactor, August 2012, Masabumi Nishikawa, Hideki Yamasaki, Hideaki Kashimura, Shohei Matsuda


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