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28.01.2013 14:17 - RENEWABLE ENERGY Обновяеми енергии – световни новости – февруари 2013
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RENEWABLE ENERGY Обновяеми енергии – световни новости – февруари 2013

 (Photovoltaic Technology Conversion, Solar Thermal Applications, Biomass Conversion, Wind Energy Technology, Energy Conservation in Buildings, Geothermal, Wave and Tide, Ocean Thermal Energies)

130 Articles

1     Operational expenditure costs for wave energy projects and impacts on financial returns

2     Wind turbine fault diagnosis method based on diagonal spectrum and clustering binary tree SVMst results prove the higher classification accuracy.

3     Comparison of different numerical approaches to the study of the H-Darrieus turbines start-up

4     Numerical investigation of high-concentration photovoltaic module heat dissipation

5     Emissions characteristics of spark ignition engine operating on lower–higher molecular mass alcohol blended gasoline fuels

6     Potential of renewable energy in electrical energy production and sustainable energy development of Turkey: Performance and policies

7     Dynamic response and power performance of a combined Spar-type floating wind turbine and coaxial floating wave energy converter

8     Experimentally derived efficiency and exergy analysis of a new solar air heater having different surface shapes

9     Cost and benefit of renewable energy in the European Union

10     Maximum power tracking in solar cell arrays using time-based reconfiguration

11     Optimization of cell to module conversion loss by reducing the resistive losses

12     Progression of lipid profile and cell structure in a research-scale production pathway for algal biocrude

13     Testing of flue gas emissions of a biomass pellet boiler and abatement of particle emissions

14     A GIS-based assessment of maximum potential hydropower production in La Plata basin under global changes

15     The energy-enterprise-gender nexus: Lessons from the Multifunctional Platform (MFP) in Mali

16     Renewable energy-powered membrane technology: Supercapacitors for buffering resource fluctuations in a wind-powered membrane system for brackish water desalination

17     Influence of temperature on organic structure of biomass pyrolysis products

18     Environmental life cycle assessment of rapeseed straight vegetable oil as self-supply agricultural biofuel

19     Analytical study of the interaction between waves and cylindrical wave energy converters oscillating in two modes

20     Ray tracing and simulation for the beam-down solar concentrator

21     On the use of niching genetic algorithms for variable selection in solar radiation estimation

22     A survey of shaft voltage reduction strategies for induction generators in wind energy applications

23     Comparison of physicochemical features of biooils and biochars produced from various woody biomasses by fast pyrolysis

24     Capacitive probe for ice detection and accretion rate measurement: Proof of concept

25     Conversion of traditional biomass into modern bioenergy systems: A review in context to improve the energy situation in Nepal

26     Experimental and theoretical analysis of a dynamic test method for molten salt cavity receiver

27     Optimization of selected salts concentration for improved biohydrogen production from biodiesel-based glycerol using Enterobacter aerogenes

28     The thermodynamic effect of thermal energy storage on compressed air energy storage system

29     Predicting the energy output of wind farms based on weather data: Important variables and their correlation - Ekaterina Vladislavleva, Tobias Friedrich, Frank Neumann, Markus Wagner

30     Analysis about sampling, uncertainties and selection of a reliable probabilistic model of wind speed data used on resource assessment

31     Study of economic viability of photovoltaic electric power for Quetta – Pakistan

32     Dynamic wind estimation based control for small wind turbines

33     Revision of reserve requirements following wind power integration in island power systems

34     Evaluation of a semi-empirical model for predicting the wind energy resource relevant to small-scale wind turbines

35     A novel radial self-rectifying air turbine for use in wave energy converters

36     Study of a novel solar adsorption cooling system and a solar absorption cooling system with new CPC collectors

37     Fluctuating wind pressure characteristics of heliostats

38     Non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation tool in order to minimize gaseous pollutants emissions in presence of fluctuating wind power

39     “Blind test” calculations of the performance and wake development for a model wind turbine

40     Assessment of solar assisted air conditioning in Central Queensland"s subtropical climate, Australia

41     The experimental study on biogas power generation enhanced by using waste heat to preheat inlet gases

42     The best time to invest in photovoltaic panels in Flanders

43     Two-stage anaerobic dry digestion of blue mussel and reed

44     Road testing of a three-wheeler driven by a 5 kW PEM fuel cell in the absence and presence of batteries

45     Bio-oil production by pyrolysis of biomass using hot blast furnace slag

46     Control of a wind energy conversion system equipped by a DFIG for active power generation and power quality improvement

47     Short-term forecasting model for electric power production of small-hydro power plants

48     The extractable power from a split tidal channel: An equivalent circuit analysis

49     Factors affecting hydrogen production from rice straw wastes in a mesophillic up-flow anaerobic staged reactor

50     Production of renewable hydrogen by aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol over Ni–Cu catalysts derived from hydrotalcite precursors

51     Advanced brake state model and aerodynamic post-stall model for horizontal axis wind turbines

52     The feed-in tariff in the UK: A case study focus on domestic photovoltaic systems

53     Optimization of biodiesel production process from Jatropha oil using supported heteropolyacid catalyst and assisted by ultrasonic energy

54     Carbon reduction in a high-density city: A case study of Langham Place Hotel Mongkok Hong Kong

55     Internal quantum efficiency improvement of polysilicon solar cells with porous silicon emitter  

56     Contribution to improving the modeling of wind and evaluation of the wind potential of the site of Lome: Problems of taking into account the frequency of calm winds

57     Overview of potential and utilization of renewable energy sources in Turkey

58     Business potential of sustainable energy in Korea: Hybrid method of various feasibility studies from path dependence and path evolution perspective

59     Influence of different pre-treatment routes on the anaerobic digestion of a filamentous algae

60     The investment risk analysis of wind power project in China

61     Comparative study on ethanol production from pretreated sugarcane bagasse using immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae on various matrices

62     Microstructure evolution of yttria-doped ceria in reducing atmosphere

63     Crystal structures and thermodynamic properties of phase change materials (1-CnH2n+1NH3)2CdCl4(s) (n = 15 and 16)

64     Wave energy potential in the north-west of Sardinia (Italy)

65     Optimization of building window system in Asian regions by analyzing solar heat gain and daylighting elements

66     Estimates of global Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) resources using an ocean general circulation model

67     Application of bend-twist coupled blades for horizontal axis tidal turbines

68     Bionic optimization for micro-siting of wind farm on complex terrain

69     Electrification of offshore petroleum installations with offshore wind integration

70     Efficient polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells with cesium acetate as the cathode interfacial layer

71     Vision 2023: Feasibility analysis of Turkey"s renewable energy projection

72     Neural network approach to estimate 10-min solar global irradiation values on tilted planes

73     Esterification of lauric acid with butanol over mesoporous materials

74     A hybrid strategy of short term wind power prediction

75     Performance analysis of hybrid solar-geothermal CO2 heat pump system for residential heating

76     Modeling tidal stream energy extraction and its effects on transport processes in a tidal channel and bay system using a three-dimensional coastal ocean model

77     Comparative analysis of biofuels policy development in Sub-Saharan Africa: The place of private and public sectors

78     Biohydrogen production using corn stalk employing Bacillus licheniformis MSU AGM 2 strain

79     Miracle or mirage? The promise and peril of desert energy part 1

80     Very short-term wind speed forecasting with Bayesian structural break model

81     Biohydrogen production by a mixed photoheterotrophic culture obtained from a Winogradsky column prepared from the sediment of a southern Brazilian lagoon

82     Modeling biomass gasification in circulating fluidized beds

83     Modeling and validation of a cross flow turbine using free vortex model and a modified dynamic stall model

84     Thermal energy storage cement mortar containing n-octadecane/expanded graphite composite phase change material

85     Modeling offshore wind installation costs on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf

86     Concentration effect of multiwalled carbon nanotube and poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) polymerized with poly(4-styrenesulfonate) conjugated film on the catalytic activity for counter electrode in dye sensitized solar cells

87     Analysis of US renewable fuels policies using a modified MARKAL model

88     Evaluation of different models to estimate the global solar radiation on inclined surfaces

89     Numerical studies on power generation from co-produced geothermal resources in oil fields and change in reservoir temperature

90     An investigation into the current utilisation and prospective of renewable energy resources and technologies in Libya

91     High-concentration operation of a passive air-breathing direct methanol fuel cell integrated with a porous methanol barrier

92     Urban heat islands: Potential effect of organic and structured urban configurations on temperature variations in Dubai, UAE

93     Water dynamics inside a cathode channel of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell

94     The impact of wind farms with doubly fed induction generators on power system electromechanical oscillations

95     An assessment model for collecting and transporting cellulosic biomass

96     Waste capiz (Amusium cristatum) shell as a new heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production

97     Influence of architectural design on indoor environment in apartment buildings in Havana

98     Blade design and performance testing of a small wind turbine rotor for low wind speed applications

99     Miracle or mirage? The promise and peril of desert energy part 2

100     Grid vs. storage in a 100% renewable Europe

101     Seashore mallow (Kosteletzkya pentacarpos) as a salt-tolerant feedstock for production of biodiesel and ethanol

102     An Italian pilot project for zero energy buildings: Towards a quality-driven approach

103     Design, development and deployment of a hybrid renewable energy powered mobile medical clinic with automated modular control system

104     A statistical investigation of biodiesel physical and chemical properties, and their correlation with the degree of unsaturation

105     Novel offshore application of photovoltaics in comparison to conventional marine renewable energy technologies

106     Techno-economic performance of the Pelamis P1 and Wavestar at different ratings and various locations in Europe

107     Environmental analysis of practical design options for enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) through life-cycle assessment

108     The optimized operational conditions for biodiesel production from soybean oil and application of artificial neural networks for estimation of the biodiesel yield

109     Effects of catalyst loading gradient in catalyst layers on performance of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

110     Synthesis and microstructural properties of ZnO nanoparticles prepared by precipitation method

111     Wave energy resource assessment in the Mediterranean, the Italian perspective

112     How to implement a wind power project in China?—Management procedure and model study

113     Impulse (Turgo and Pelton) turbine performance characteristics and their impact on pico-hydro installations

114     Oil removal from waste coffee grounds using two-phase solvent extraction enhanced with ultrasonication

115     Wind energy really is the last to be stored and solar energy cannot be stored economically

116     Parametrically excited nonlinear piezoelectric compact wind turbine

117     High temperature calorimetry and use of magnesium chloride for thermal energy storage

118     Numerical simulation of a new type of cross flow tidal turbine using OpenFOAM – Part I: Calibration of energy extraction

119     Numerical simulation of a new type of cross flow tidal turbine using OpenFOAM – Part II: Investigation of turbine-to-turbine interaction

120     Long-term wind resource and uncertainty estimation using wind records from Scotland as example

121     Small wind turbines – A unique segment of the wind power market

122     Renewable energy status of electricity generation and future prospect hydropower in Turkey

123     Effect of blade flutter and electrical loading on small wind turbine noise

124     Possibilities for development of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia through private source financing of small hydropower plants

125     Varied lignin disruption mechanisms for different biomass substrates in lower termite

126     Gas evolution and syngas heating value from advanced thermal treatment of waste using microwave-induced plasma

127     Modeling assessment of tidal current energy at Kinmen Island, Taiwan

128     Experimental study of integrated collector storage solar water heaters

129     Drag reduction of large wind turbine blades through riblets: Evaluation of riblet geometry and application strategies

130     Effect of roof shape, wind direction, building height and urban configuration on the energy yield and positioning of roof mounted wind turbines


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