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20.12.2012 11:04 - International Energy Congress 2012
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International Energy Congress 2012

Evolving Energy-IEF International Energy Congress (IEF-IEC2012), September 2012, Sydney, Austraulia

(47 Articles           392 pages)

1     Editorial

2     A CGE Approach to the Analysis of Biofuels for Promoting Energy Self Sufficiency and Security Policy in Thailand–Results and Discussion - Suthin Wianwiwat, John Asafu-Adjaye

3     Exploring International Legal Governance of Global Solar Fuels - Thomas Faunce

4     Where does Hydrogen Fit in a Sustainable Energy Economy? - John Andrews, Bahman Shabani

5     Consequence Analysis of Scarcity using Impacts from Resource Substitution - Shaun Rimos, Andrew F.A. Hoadley, David J. Brennan

6     Fuzzy Logic based Environmental Indicator for Sustainability Assessment of Renewable Energy System using Life Cycle Assessment - Gang Liu, A. Baniyounes, M.G. Rasul, M.T.O. Amanullah, M.M.K. Khan

7     Investigate the Potential of Using Trilateral Flash Cycle for Combined Desalination and Power Generation Integrated with Salinity Gradient Solar Ponds - Abhijit Date, Firoz Alam, Anna Khaghani, Aliakbar Akbarzadeh

8     Small Scale Power Generation using Low Grade Heat from Solar Pond - Baljit Singh, J. Gomes, Lippong Tan, Abhijit Date, A. Akbarzadeh

9     Prospects and Problems of Increasing Electricity Production from Mid-Size Renewable Energy Generation on the South-West Interconnected System (SWIS) in WA - Delphine de Babline, Tania Urmee, Jamie Ally

10     Experimental Investigation of H2 Generator and PEM Fuel Cell as a Remote Area Back-Up Power - Kannan Jegathala Krishnan, Akhtar Kalam, Aladin Zayegh

11     Integration of Carbonation Process with Coal Fired Power Plant to Reduce CO2 Emissions - S. Moazzem, M.G. Rasul, M.M.K. Khan

12     Wind Turbine Performance Improvements using Active Flow Control Techniques - S. Shun, N.A. Ahmed

13     Experimental Study of Shrouded Micro-Wind Turbine - Buyung Kosasih, Andrea Tondelli

14     Improving Safety and Performance of Small-Scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbines - Joshua Yen, Noor Ahmed

15     Design of a Dynamic Control System for Standalone Solar-Hydrogen Power Generation - Xin Xu Dou, John Andrews

16     A Novel Solar-Assisted Air-Conditioner System for Energy Savings with Performance Enhancement - Q.P. Ha, V. Vakiloroaya

17     Numerical Evaluation of Wind Driven Ventilator for Enhanced Indoor Air Quality - Jason Lien, Noor Ahmed

18     Application of Flow Control Techniques for Indoor Ventilation - Chaofan Wu, Noor-E-Alam Ahmed

19     A New Zone Temperature Predictive Modeling for Energy Saving in Buildings - Hao Huang, Lei Chen, Morteza Mohammadzaheri, Eric Hu

20     Design and Modeling of a Greenhouse for a Remote Region in Nepal - Seona Candy, Graham Moore, Peter Freere

21     Thermal Performance Modelling of Residential House Wall Systems - Fayez Aldawi, Firoz Alam, Abhijit Date, Arun Kumar, Mohammad Rasul

22     Optimising Louver Location to Improve Indoor Thermal Comfort based on Natural Ventilation - N.A. Ahmed, K. Wongpanyathaworn

23     Hybrid energy system for St. Martin Island, Bangladesh: An optimized model - A.K.M. Sadrul Islam, Md. Mustafizur Rahman, Md. Alam H. Mondal, Firoz Alam

24    The Role of Micro Hydro Power Systems in Remote Rural Electrification: A Case Study in The Bawan Valley, Borneo - Sari Murni, Jonathan Whale, Tania Urmee, John Davis, David Harries

25     Examining the Potential of Split Reaction Water Turbine for Ultra-Low Head Hydro Resources - Abhijit Date, Ashwin Date, Aliakbar Akbarzadeh, Firoz Alam

26     Status of Power Generation by Domestic Scale Wind Turbines in Australia - Firoz Alam, Abdulkadir Ali, Iftekhar Khan, Saleh Mobin

27     Review of Wind Energy Utilization in South Asia - Iftekhar Khan, Harun Chowdhury, Roesfiansjah Rasjidin, Firoz Alam, Tazul Islam, Sadrul Islam

28     Biofuel from Algae- Is It a Viable Alternative? - Firoz Alam, Abhijit Date, Roesfiansjah Rasjidin, Saleh Mobin, Hazim Moria, Abdul Baqui

29     Control and Management of Particulate Emissions using Improved Reverse Pulse-Jet Cleaning Systems - Nicholas Findanis, Matthew Southam

30     Development of a Wind Tunnel Test Facility to Simulate the Effect of Rain on Roof Ventilation Systems and Environmental Measuring Devices - T.G. Flynn, G. Behfarshad, N.A. Ahmed

31     Experimental Investigation of Employing Asymmetrical Electrodes in Propulsion of Vehicles - George Matsoukas, N.A. Ahmed

32     Experimental and Computational Study of a Micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - Abdulkadir Ali, Steve Golde, Firoz Alam, Hazim Moria

33     Effect of the Ratio of Specific Heats on a Small Scale Solar Brayton Cycle - H. Riazi, N.A. Ahmed

34     Heat Dissipation using Minimum Counter Flow Jet Ejection During Spacecraft Re-EntryOriginal  - Y. Zheng, N.A. Ahmed, W. Zhang

35     An Energy Saving Approach in the Manufacture of Carbonated Soft Drink Bottles - Fugen Daver, Bilal Demirel

36     Vehicle Concept Modeling: A New Technology for Structures Weight Reduction - Pooja Doke, Mohammad Fard, Reza Jazar

37     Impact of Vehicle add-ons on Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Harun Chowdhury, Firoz Alam, Iftekhar Khan, Victor Djamovski, Simon Watkins

38     Possible Optimization of the Energy Balance in the Automotive Sector by the use of Carbon Composite Structures - Alexander Engels, Martin Roehrig, Tassilo Witte

39     Manufacture, Qualification and Approval of New Aviation Turbine Fuels and Additives - U. Yildirim, S. Abanteriba

40     Expander Modelling in Binary Cycle Utilizing Geothermal Resources for Generating Green Energy in Victoria, Australia - M.Oreijah, As. Date, A. Date, M. Bryson, A. Akbarzadeh

41     Experimental Analysis of Two-phase Flow nozzle for Desalination and Power Generation System - Sara Vahaji, Abhijit Date, Sherman C. Cheung, Jiyuan Tu, Aliakbar Akbarzadeh, M. Oreijah

42     A System Dynamics Conceptual Model on Retail Electricity Supply and Demand System to Minimize Retailer"s Cost in Eastern Australia - Roesfiansjah Rasjidin, Arun Kumar, Firoz Alam, Shougi Abosuliman

43     New Horizons of Applications of the 21st Century Aerodynamic Concepts from Aerospace to Power Generation and Utilization - N.A. Ahmed

44     Towards a Global Solar Fuels Project-Artificial Photosynthesis and the Transition from Anthropocene to Sustainocene - Thomas Faunce

45    A CGE Approach to the Analysis of Biofuels for Promoting Energy Self Sufficiency and Security Policy in Thailand-Methodology - John Asafu-Adjaye, Suthin Wianwiwat

46     A Novel Continuous Extractive Reactor for Biodiesel Production using Lipolytic Enzyme - Dean M. Chesterfield, Peter L. Rogers, Essam O. Al-Zani, Adesoji A. Adesina

47     Development of Renewable Energy in Malaysia-Strategic Initiatives for Carbon Reduction in the Power Generation Sector - Abd Halim Shams

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