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01.11.2012 11:09 - Стратегически избор при инвестиране във ВЪЗОБНОВЯЕМИТЕ ЕНЕРГИИ – помощен материал за български депутати и министри и добре облечени бизнесмени
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Стратегически избор при инвестиране във ВЪЗОБНОВЯЕМИТЕ ЕНЕРГИИ – помощен материал за български депутати и министри и добре облечени бизнесмени

         В световен мащаб дейността в областта на енергетиката е изключително авторитетно занимание за мениджъри, консултанти, политици, плановици и учени-изследователи.

         Ето един от помощните материали за 2012 г за американските бизнесмени, политици и учени:

January 2012

Strategic Choices for Renewable Energy Investment (490 страници)

(съставители: Rolf Wьstenhagen and Emanuela Menichetti)

01    Strategic choices for renewable energy investment: Conceptual framework and opportunities for further research - Rolf Wьstenhagen, Emanuela Menichetti

02   The development and commercialization of solar PV technology in the oil industry - Jonatan Pinkse, Daniel van den Buuse

03   Going beyond best technology and lowest price: on renewable energy investors’ preference for service-driven business models - Moritz Loock

04   The impact of behavioural factors in the renewable energy investment decision making process: Conceptual framework and empirical findings - Andrea Masini, Emanuela Menichetti

05   Modeling renewable energy company risk - Perry Sadorsky

06   Figuring what’s fair: The cost of equity capital for renewable energy in emerging markets - Charles Donovan, Laura Nuсez

07   Renewables and climate change mitigation: Irreversible energy investment under uncertainty and portfolio effects - Sabine Fuss, Jana Szolgayovб, Nikolay Khabarov, Michael Obersteiner

08   Power sector investment risk and renewable energy: A Japanese case study using portfolio risk optimization method - Anindya Bhattacharya, Satoshi Kojima

09    Renewable energy investment and the clean development mechanism - Kirill Zavodov

10    Carbon market risks and rewards: Firm perceptions of CDM investment decisions in Brazil and India - Nathan E. Hultman, Simone Pulver, Leticia Guimarгes, Ranjit Deshmukh, Jennifer Kane

11    Perception of risks in renewable energy projects: The case of concentrated solar power in North Africa - Nadejda Komendantova, Anthony Patt, Lucile Barras, Antonella Battaglini

12    Overcoming obstacles against effective solar lighting interventions in South Asia - Sam Wong

13    On the electrical two-part tariff—The Brazilian perspective - Paulo E. Steele Santos, Rafael Coradi Leme, Leandro Galvгo

14    Factors in low-carbon energy transformations: Comparing nuclear and bioenergy in Brazil, Sweden, and the United States - Nathan E. Hultman, Elizabeth L. Malone, Paul Runci, Gregory Carlock, Kate L. Anderson

15    Energy return on (energy) invested (EROI), oil prices, and energy transitions - Matthew Kuperus Heun, Martin de Wit

16    Efficiency assessment and benchmarking of thermal power plants in India - Naveen Shrivastava, Seema Sharma, Kavita Chauhan

17    Security of electricity supply at the generation level: Problem analysis - P. Rodilla, C. Batlle

18    Impact evaluation of productive use—An implementation guideline for electrification projects - Gunther Bensch, Jцrg Peters, Christoph M. Schmidt

19    If diversification is good, why don"t countries diversify more? The political economy of diversification in resource-rich countries - Arne Wiig, Ivar Kolstad

20    Assessing the potential of hybrid energy technology to reduce exhaust emissions from global shipping - Eleftherios K. Dedes, Dominic A. Hudson, Stephen R. Turnock

21    Whole systems appraisal of a UK Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system: Energy, environmental, and economic evaluations - Geoffrey P. Hammond, Hassan A. Harajli, Craig I. Jones, Adrian B. Winnett

22    Myths and facts about electricity in the U.S. South - Marilyn A. Brown, Etan Gumerman, Xiaojing Sun, Kenneth Sercy, Gyungwon Kim

23    Reforming small electricity systems under political instability: The case of Nepal - Rabindra Nepal, Tooraj Jamasb

24    A business case for Smart Grid technologies: A systemic perspective - Vincenzo Giordano, Gianluca Fulli

25    Vested interests, energy efficiency and renewables in Japan - Espen Moe

26    China"s coal policy since 1979: A brief overview - Lei Shen, Tian-ming Gao, Xin Cheng

27    Development trends in the Azerbaijan oil and gas sector: Achievements and challenges - Aitor Ciarreta, Shahriyar Nasirov

28    The willingness of farmers to engage with bioenergy and woody biomass production: A regional case study from Cumbria - I. Convery, D. Robson, A. Ottitsch, M. Long

29    The problem of the legal nature of Green Certificates in the Italian legal system - Valentina Colcelli

30    Assessing the impact of forward trading, retail liberalization, and white certificates on the Italian wholesale electricity prices - Andrea Petrella, Alessandro Sapio

31    Explaining crude oil prices using fundamental measures - Les Coleman

32    Price regulation and relative price convergence: Evidence from the retail gasoline market in Canada - Farrukh Suvankulov, Marco Chi Keung Lau, Fatma Ogucu

33    Appropriate storage for high-penetration grid-connected photovoltaic plants - A.A. Solomon, D. Faiman, G. Meron

34    A hybrid Delphi-SWOT paradigm for oil and gas pipeline strategic planning in Caspian Sea basin - Madjid Tavana, Mohsen Pirdashti, Dennis T. Kennedy, Jean-Pierre Belaud, Majid Behzadian

35    Experience curve analysis on South Korean nuclear technology and comparative analysis with South Korean renewable technologies - Dong Wook Kim, Hyun Joon Chang

36    The prospects of renewable energy technologies for rural electrification: A review from Nepal - Anup Gurung, Amal Kumar Ghimeray, Sedky H.A. Hassan

37    Institutional arrangements in the emerging biodiesel industry: Case studies from Minas Gerais—Brazil - Kassia Watanabe, Jos Bijman, Maja Slingerland

38    Constructing post-carbon institutions: Assessing EU carbon reduction efforts through an institutional risk governance approach - Michael LaBelle

39    Potential vehicle fleet CO2 reductions and cost implications for various vehicle technology deployment scenarios in Europe - Guzay Pasaoglu, Michel Honselaar, Christian Thiel

40   Stated versus revealed knowledge: Determinants of offsetting CO2 emissions from fuel consumption in vehicle use - Andreas Ziegler, Julia Schwarzkopf, Volker H. Hoffmann

41    Investing in efficient industrial boiler systems in China and Vietnam - Ming Yang, Robert K. Dixon

42    Coal consumption and economic growth in China - Raymond Li, Guy C.K. Leung

43    Examining the potential for liquid biofuels production and usage in Ghana - George Afrane

44    Environmental and economic performance of heating systems for energy-efficient dwellings: Case of passive and low-energy single-family houses - L. Georges, C. Massart, G. Van Moeseke, A. De Herde

45    Retailers" risk management and vertical arrangements in electricity markets - Raphaлl Homayoun Boroumand, Georg Zachmann

46    Does financial development increase energy consumption? The role of industrialization and urbanization in Tunisia - Muhammad Shahbaz, Hooi Hooi Lean

47    Comparing the feed-in tariff incentives for renewable electricity in Ontario and Germany - Warren E. Mabee, Justine Mannion, Tom Carpenter.

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