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06.04.2012 14:49 - Възобновяема и устойчива енергия - RENEWABLE and SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – last world news (May 2012)
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Възобновяема и устойчива енергия - RENEWABLE and SUSTAINABLE ENERGY – last world news (May 2012)

(•Bioenergy   •Geothermal   •Hydrogen •Hydropower   •Ocean   •Solar   •Wind)


2    Waste heat recovery from a landfill gas-fired power plant - Pages 1779-1789 - Daniela Gewald, Konstantinos Siokos, Sotirios Karellas, Hartmut Spliethoff

3    Implementation of biofuels in Malaysian transportation sector towards sustainable development: A case study of international cooperation between Malaysia and Japan - Pages 1790-1800 - Steven Lim, Keat Teong Lee

4    Thermo chemical conversion of biomass – Eco friendly energy routes - Pages 1801-1816 - N.L. Panwar, Richa Kothari, V.V. Tyagi

5    Numerical simulation and optimal design for composite high-pressure hydrogen storage vessel: A review - Pages 1817-1827 - P.F. Liu, J.K. Chu, S.J. Hou, P. Xu, J.Y. Zheng

6    History and current status of the motor vehicle energy labeling and its implementation possibilities in Malaysia - Pages 1828-1844 - T.M.I. Mahlia, S. Tohno, T. Tezuka

7    Design for sustainability in automotive industry: A comprehensive review - Pages 1845-1862 - Ahmad Mayyas, Ala Qattawi, Mohammed Omar, Dongri Shan

8    A review on surface control of thermal radiation by paints and coatings for new energy applications - Pages 1863-1873 - S. Wijewardane, D.Y. Goswami

9    Effective solar radiation based benefit and cost analyses for solar water heater development in Taiwan - Pages 1874-1882 - Tze-Chin Pan, Jehng-Jung Kao, Chih-Po Wong

10    Plate heat exchangers: Recent advances - Pages 1883-1891 - Mazen M. Abu-Khader

11    Courtyard housing in midrise buildings: An environmental assessment in hot-arid climate - Pages 1892-1898  - Nada Al-Masri, Bassam Abu-Hijleh

12    A review of working fluids of absorption cycles - Pages 1899-1906 - Jian Sun, Lin Fu, Shigang Zhang

13    Review on wind power development and relevant policies in China during the 11th Five-Year-Plan period - Pages 1907-1915 - Junjie Kang, Jiahai Yuan, Zhaoguang Hu, Yan Xu

14    Energy efficiency status of the community housing in Australia - Pages 1916-1925

Tania Urmee, Sid Thoo, Winnie Killick

15    Vertical axis wind turbine – A review of various configurations and design techniques - Pages 1926-1939 - Muhammad Mahmood Aslam Bhutta, Nasir Hayat, Ahmed Uzair Farooq, Zain Ali, Sh. Rehan Jamil, Zahid Hussain

16    Sustainability performance disclosures: The case of independent power producers - Pages 1940-1948 - Artie W. Ng, Jatin Nathwani

17    Assessing energy sustainability of rural communities using Principal Component Analysis - Pages 1949-1957 - Haris Doukas, Alexandra Papadopoulou, Nikolaos Savvakis, Theocharis Tsoutsos, John Psarras

18    Reviews of power systems and environmental energy conversion for unmanned underwater vehicles - Pages 1958-1970

Xiaoming Wang, Jianzhong Shang, Zirong Luo, Li Tang, Xiangpo Zhang, Juan Li

19    Energy resources—The ultimate solution - Pages 1971-1976

Muhammad Shafiq Siraj

20    The prime criteria for private sector participation in renewable energy investment in the Middle East (case study: Iran) - Pages 1977-1987

Alireza Aslani, Marja Naaranoja, Bahnam Zakeri

21    Analysis of scenarios for the reduction of energy consumption and GHG emissions in transport in the Basque Country  - Pages 1988-1998 - Gorka Bueno

22    Form-stable phase change materials for thermal energy storage - Pages 1999-2040

Murat M. Kenisarin, Kamola M. Kenisarina

23    Photovoltaic electricity scenario analysis in urban contests: An Italian case study - Pages 2041-2052 - M. Cellura, A. Di Gangi, S. Longo, A. Orioli

24    Spatial variation of environmental impacts of regional biomass chains - Pages 2053-2069 - F. van der Hilst, J.P. Lesschen, J.M.C. van Dam, M. Riksen, P.A. Verweij, J.P.M. Sanders, A.P.C. Faaij

25    A comprehensive review on biodiesel as an alternative energy resource and its characteristics  - Pages 2070-2093 - A.E. Atabani, A.S. Silitonga, Irfan Anjum Badruddin, T.M.I. Mahlia, H.H. Masjuki, S. Mekhilef

26    A review of intercalation composite phase change material: Preparation, structure and properties - Pages 2094-2101 - Min Li, Zhishen Wu

27    Toxicological aspects of nanomaterials used in energy harvesting consumer electronics - Pages 2102-2110 - Sergio Manzetti, Otto Andersen

28    Exploitation and utilization of the wind power and its perspective in China - Pages 2111-2117 - Yu Ling, Xu Cai

29    Review on storage materials and thermal performance enhancement techniques for high temperature phase change thermal storage systems - Pages 2118-2132 - Ming Liu, Wasim Saman, Frank Bruno

30    Greenhouse gas emission reduction perspectives in the Baltic States in frames of EU energy and climate policy - Pages 2133-2146 - Inge Roos, Sulev Soosaar, Anna Volkova, Dalia Streimikene

31    The link between renewable energy production and gross domestic product in Africa: A comparative study between 1980 and 2008 - Pages 2147-2153 - F.H. Abanda, A. Ng’ombe, R. Keivani, J.H.M. Tah

32    A review of energy storage technologies for wind power applications - Pages 2154-2171

Francisco Dнaz-Gonzбlez, Andreas Sumper, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt, Roberto Villafбfila-Robles

33    The impact of international GHG trading regimes on penetration of new energy technologies and feasibility to implement EU Energy and Climate Package targets - Pages 2172-2177 - Dalia Streimikiene

34    Review and prospects of Jatropha biodiesel industry in China - Pages 2178-2190

Cheng-Yuan Yang, Zhen Fang, Bo Li, Yun-feng Long

35    Looking into the Danish energy system: Lesson to be learned by other communities - Pages 2191-2199 - Ranjan Parajuli

36    Roles and potentials of renewable energy in less-developed economies: The case of Nepal - Pages 2200-2206 - Rabindra Nepal

37    Towards a de-carbonized energy system in north-eastern Morocco: Prospective geothermal resource - Pages 2207-2216 - Abdelkrim Rimi, Yassine Zarhloule, Alae Eddine Barkaoui, Antonio Correia, Julio Carneiro, Massimo Verdoya, Francis Lucazeau

38    Assessing the sustainability challenges for electricity industries in ASEAN newly industrialising countries - Pages 2217-2233 - Peerapat Vithayasrichareon, Iain F. MacGill, Thanawat Nakawiro

39    Finite time thermodynamic evaluation of endoreversible Stirling heat engine at maximum power conditions - Pages 2234-2241 - Iskander Tlili

40    Investment in wind power and pumped storage in a real options model -Pages 2242-2248 - Wolf Heinrich Reuter, Sabine Fuss, Jana Szolgayovб, Michael Obersteiner

41    A review of heat pipe systems for heat recovery and renewable energy applications - Pages 2249-2259 - Hassam Nasarullah Chaudhry, Ben Richard Hughes, Saud Abdul Ghani

42    A review: Energy recovery in batch processes - Pages 2260-2277 - Inmaculada Fernбndez, Carlos J. Renedo, Severiano F. Pйrez, Alfredo Ortiz, Mario Maсana

43    An overview of ocean renewable energy resources in Korea - Pages 2278-2288

Gunwoo Kim, Myung Eun Lee, Kwang Soo Lee, Jin-Soon Park, Weon Mu Jeong, Sok Kuh Kang, Jae-Gwi Soh, Hanna Kim

44    Review on solar air heating system with and without thermal energy storage system - Pages 2289-2303 - V.V. Tyagi, N.L. Panwar, N.A. Rahim, Richa Kothari

45    Mathematical and computational approaches for design of biomass gasification for hydrogen production: A review - Pages 2304-2315 - Tigabwa Y. Ahmed, Murni M. Ahmad, Suzana Yusup, Abrar Inayat, Zakir Khan

46    A review on energy scenario and sustainable energy in Indonesia - Pages 2316-2328 - M.H. Hasan, T.M.I. Mahlia, Hadi Nur

47    An overview of global climate changing in current scenario and mitigation action - Pages 2329-2336

Pragya Nema, Sameer Nema, Priyanka Roy

48    Fermentative hydrogen production – An alternative clean energy source - Pages 2337-2346 - Richa Kothari, D.P. Singh, V.V. Tyagi, S.K. Tyagi

49    Development of suitable photobioreactor for algae production – A review - Pages 2347-2353 - R.N. Singh, Shaishav Sharma



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