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02.01.2013 10:14 - 22 RENEWABLE ENERGY World News - 2012
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22 RENEWABLE ENERGY World News - 2012

1      Exergy analysis of solar collectors, from incident radiation to dissipation - Michel Pons

2     Wave energy potential in Portugal–Assessment based on probabilistic description of ocean waves parameters - R.P.G. Mendes, M.R.A. Calado, S.J.P.S. Mariano

3     Analytical performance monitoring of a 142.5 kWp grid-connected rooftop BIPV system in Singapore - Stephen Wittkopf, Selvam Valliappan, Lingyun Liu, Kian Seng Ang, Seng Chye Jonathan Cheng

4     Effects of collector radius and chimney height on power output of a solar chimney power plant with turbines - Jing-yin Li, Peng-hua Guo, Yuan Wang

5     The government orientation and use of renewable energy: Case of Europe - Mehmet Efe Biresselioglu, Yasemin Zengin Karaibrahimoglu

6     Estimating global solar radiation using common meteorological data in Akure, Nigeria

 - Muyiwa S. Adaramola

7     Improved cookstove as an appropriate technology for the Logone Valley (Chad – Cameroon): Analysis of fuel and cost savings - Mentore Vaccari, Francesco Vitali, Angelo Mazzщ

8     An inexact robust nonlinear optimization method for energy systems planning under uncertainty - C. Chen, Y.P. Li, G.H. Huang, Y. Zhu

9     Design development and performance studies of a novel Single Family Solar Cooker - S. Mahavar, N. Sengar, P. Rajawat, M. Verma, P. Dashora

10     Heat and fluid flow characteristics of roughened solar air heater ducts – A review - Anil Kumar, R.P. Saini, J.S. Saini

11     Realizing the potential of tidal currents and the efficiency of turbine farms in a channel - Ross Vennell

12     Peaking strategies for the management of wind-H2 energy systems - Cristina Azcбrate, Rosa Blanco, Fermнn Mallor, Raquel Garde, Mуnica Aguado

13     Fault diagnosis for wind turbine planetary gearboxes via demodulation analysis based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition and energy separation - Zhipeng Feng, Ming Liang, Yi Zhang, Shumin Hou

14     Will the development of bioenergy in China create a food security problem? Modeling with fuel ethanol as an example - Fangwei Wu, Deyuan Zhang, Jinghua Zhang

15     Alternative energy scenarios for small islands: A case study from Salina Island (Aeolian Islands, Southern Italy) - Antonio Pietro Francesco Andaloro, Roberta Salomone, Laura Andaloro, Nicola Briguglio, Sergio Sparacia

16     Optimization of biogas production from waste activated sludge through serial digestion - E. Athanasoulia, P. Melidis, A. Aivasidis

17     Experimental investigations for recycling of silicon and glass from waste photovoltaic modules - Sukmin Kang, Sungyeol Yoo, Jina Lee, Bonghyun Boo, Hojin Ryu

18     A test on DI diesel engine fueled with methyl esters of used palm oil - H. Sharon, K. Karuppasamy, D.R. Soban Kumar, A. Sundaresan

19     Zero dimensional finite-time thermodynamic, three zones numerical model of a generic Stirling and its experimental validation - Juliette Bert, Daniela Chrenko, Tonino Sophy, Luis Le Moyne, Frйdйric Sirot

20     Fault detection and diagnosis within a wind turbine mechanical braking system using condition monitoring - M. Entezami, S. Hillmansen, P. Weston, M.Ph. Papaelias

21     Energy requirements during butanol production and in situ recovery by cyclic vacuum - Adriano Pinto Mariano, Rubens Maciel Filho, Thaddeus Chukwuemeka Ezeji

22     Estimation of pruned biomass form dendrometric parameters on urban forests: Case study of Sophora japonica - M. Sajdak, B. Velazquez-Marti

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