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21.01.2013 11:37 - Новини в УПРАВЛЯЕМИЯ ТЕРМОЯДРЕН СИНТЕЗ: FUSION POWER PROGRESS - News - August 2012 –April 2013
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1     First-principles study of the behavior of O, N and C impurities in vanadium solids - April 2013, Ruihuan Li, Pengbo Zhang, Xiaoqing Li, Chong Zhang, Jijun Zhao

2     A fusion–fission hybrid reactor with water-cooled pressure tube blanket for energy production - April 2013, Youqi Zheng, Liangzhi Cao, Wenxi Tian

3     Development of a quasi-monoenergetic 6 MeV Gamma Facility at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - 21 March 2013, Suzanne F. Nowicki, Stanley D. Hunter, Ann M. Parsons

4     Investigation of radiation damage in structural material of APEX reactor by using Monte Carlo method - March 2013, Mehtap Gьnay

5     Cross-sections for (n,2n) and (n,p) reactions on neodymium isotopes and 160Gd(n,a)157Sm at neutron energy between 13.5 and 14.7 MeV - March 2013, Yanbin Zhang, Liangyong Zhao, Xiangzhong Kong, Rong Liu, Jiang Li

6     Bulk tungsten with uniformly dispersed La2O3 nanoparticles sintered from co-precipitated La2O3/W nanoparticles - March 2013, Min Xia, Qingzhi Yan, Lei Xu, Hongyan Guo, Lingxu Zhu, Changchun Ge

7     Microstructures and mechanical properties of a Cu-bearing ODS steel fabricated by mechanical alloying and hot extrusion  - March 2013, Yuhai Dou, Yong Liu, Feng Liu, Jinghua Fang, Yuren Wen, Dapeng Zhao, Ni Song

8     Tungsten foil laminate for structural divertor applications – Tensile test properties of tungsten foil - March 2013, Jens Reiser, Michael Rieth, Anton Mцslang, Bernhard Dafferner, Andreas Hoffmann, Xiaoou Yi, D.E.J. Armstrong

9     The microstructure and mechanical properties of T91 steel processed by ECAP at room temperature - March 2013, Z.Q. Fan, T. Hao, S.X. Zhao, G.N. Luo, C.S. Liu, Q.F. Fang

10     Ab initio no core shell model - March 2013, Bruce R. Barrett, Petr Navrбtil, James P. Vary

11     Evaluation of neutron spectrometer techniques for ITER using synthetic data - 11 February 2013, E. Andersson Sundйn, L. Ballabio, M. Cecconello, S. Conroy, G. Ericsson, M.Gatu Johnson, G. Gorini, C. Hellesen, F. Ognissanto, E. Ronchi, H. Sjцstrand, M. Tardocchi, M. Weiszflog

12     Development priorities for in-space propulsion technologies - February 2013, Les Johnson, Michael Meyer, Bryan Palaszewski, David Coote, Dan Goebel, Harold White

13     Z-Pinch fusion-based nuclear propulsion - February 2013, J. Miernik, G. Statham, L. Fabisinski, C.D. Maples, R. Adams, T. Polsgrove, S. Fincher, J. Cassibry, R. Cortez, M. Turner, T. Percy

14     A real-time n/γ digital pulse shape discriminator based on FPGA  - February 2013, Shiping Li, Xiufeng Xu, Hongrui Cao, Guoliang Yuan, Qingwei Yang, Zejie Yin

15     Helium retention and early stages of helium-vacancy complexes formation in low energy helium-implanted tungsten - February 2013, P.E. Lhuillier, T. Belhabib, P. Desgardin, B. Courtois, T. Sauvage, M.F. Barthe, A.L. Thomann, P. Brault, Y. Tessier

16     Effect of tungsten on tensile properties and flow behaviour of RAFM steel - February 2013, J. Vanaja, K. Laha, M. Nandagopal, Shiju Sam, M.D. Mathew, T. Jayakumar, E. Rajendra Kumar

17     Effects of hydrogen on activation volume and density of mobile dislocations in iron-based alloy - 1 February 2013, Shuai Wang, Naoyuki Hashimoto, Somei Ohnuki

18     A Large Interface Model for two-phase CFD -  February 2013

19     Gamma irradiation effects on EuBa2Cu3O7 high temperature superconductor  - February 2013, Nurcan Akduran

20     Quantifying the composition of yttrium and oxygen rich nanoparticles in oxide dispersion strengthened steels - February 2013, C.A. Williams, G.D.W. Smith, E.A. Marquis

21     Hydrogen production via steam-methane reforming in a SOMBRERO fusion breeder with ceramic fuel particles - 24 January 2013, Nesrin Demir

22     Functionally graded vacuum plasma sprayed and magnetron sputtered tungsten/EUROFER97 interlayers for joints in helium-cooled divertor components - 21 January 2013 , T. Weber, M. Stьber, S. Ulrich, R. VaЯen, W.W. Basuki, J. Lohmiller, W. Sittel, J. Aktaa

23     Tritium breeding control within liquid metal blankets - 18 January 2013 - L. Morgan, J. Pasley

24     High heat loading properties of vacuum plasma spray tungsten coatings on reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steel - 17 January 2013 K. Tokunaga, T. Hotta, K. Araki, Y. Miyamoto, T. Fujiwara, M. Hasegawa, K. Nakamura, K. Ezato, S. Suzuki, M. Enoeda, M. Akiba, T. Nagasaka, R. Kasada, A. Kimura

25     Tritium fuel cycle in ITER and DEMO: Issues in handling large amount of fuel - 16 January 2013 T. Tanabe

26     Advanced spatial discretizations in the B2.5 plasma fluid code -  16 January 2013 H.-J. Klingshirn, D.P. Coster, X. Bonnin

27     Numerical investigation of Scrape Off Layer anomalous particle transport for MAST parameters - 15 January 2013 F. Militello, W. Fundamenski, V. Naulin, A.H. Nielsen

28     Measurements and ERO simulations of carbon flows in the high-field side main SOL in AUG - 12 January 2013 T. Makkonen, M. Groth, M.I. Airila, R. Dux, A. Janzer, T. Kurki-Suonio, T. Lunt, H.W. Mueller, T. Puetterich, E. Viezzer, ASDEX Upgrade team

29     Constraining the divertor heat width in ITER - 12 January 2013 D.G. Whyte, B. LaBombard, J.W. Hughes, B. Lipschultz, J. Terry, D. Brunner, P.C. Stangeby, D. Elder, A.W. Leonard, J. Watkins

30     Development of Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys for DEMO Divertor Applications via MIM Technology - 1 January 2013 - D.T. Blagoeva, J. Opschoor, J.G. van der Laan, C. Sвrbu, G. Pintsuk, M. Jong, T. Bakker, P. ten Pierick, H. Nolles

31     Consequences of a reduction of the upstream power SOL width in ITER - 11 January 2013 - A.S. Kukushkin, H.D. Pacher, G.W. Pacher, V. Kotov, R.A. Pitts, D. Reiter

32     The impact of time dependant spectra on fusion blanket burn-up - 10 January 2013

L. Morgan, J. Pasley

33     Recovery Process of Neutron-Irradiated Vanadium Alloys in Post-Irradiation Annealing Treatment - 9 January 2013 - K. Fukumoto, M. Iwasaki, Q. Xu

34     Recent Progress of R&D Activities on Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steels - 3 January 2013 - Q. Huang, N. Baluc, Y. Dai, S. Jitsukawa, A. Kimura, J. Konys, R.J. Kurtz, R. Lindau, T. Muroga, G.R. Odette, B. Raj, R.E. Stoller, L. Tan, H. Tanigawa, A.-A.F. Tavassoli, T. Yamamoto, F. Wan, Y. Wu

35     Monte-Carlo calculations of the activation of the accelerator target holder and shadow cone during the calibration of the ITER diagnostic devices with monoenergetic neutrons - 2 January 2013 - V. Lacoste, L. Bertalot, V. Gressier

36     A constrained control strategy for the shape control in thermonuclear fusion tokamaks - January 2013, Massimiliano Mattei, Carmelo Vincenzo Labate, Domenico Famularo

37     A “Grammar” for assessing the performance of power-supply systems: Comparing nuclear energy to fossil energy - January 2013, Franзois Diaz-Maurin, Mario Giampietro

38     Conceptual design of a high-voltage compact bushing for application to future N-NBI systems of fusion reactors - January 2013, A. Simonin, H. de Esch, L. Doceul, L. Christin, F. Faisse, F. Villecroze

39     Thermal–hydraulic and safety analysis for Chinese helium-cooled solid breeder TBM cooling system - January 2013, Jie Wang, Wenxi Tian, Guanghui Su, Suizheng Qiu, Bin Xiang, Guoshu Zhang, Kaiming Feng

40     Neutronic studies for the optimization of shield wall penetrations for laser IFE systems - January 2013, A. Lafuente, J.F. Latkowski, K.J. Kramer, A.M. Dunne

41     Preparation of La2O3 doped ultra-fine W powders by hydrothermal-hydrogen reduction process, January 2013, Lei Xu, Qingzhi Yan, Min Xia, Lingxu Zhu

42   Numerical study of corrosion of ferritic/martensitic steels in the flowing PbLi with and without a magnetic field - January 2013, Sergey Smolentsev, Sheida Saedi, Siegfried Malang, Mohamed Abdou

43     Recent progress in research on tungsten materials for nuclear fusion applications in Europe - January 2013, M. Rieth, S.L. Dudarev, S.M. Gonzalez de Vicente, J. Aktaa, T. Ahlgren, S. Antusch, D.E.J. Armstrong, M. Balden, N. Baluc, M.-F. Barthe, W.W. Basuki, M. Battabyal, C.S. Becquart, D. Blagoeva, H. Boldyryeva, J. Brinkmann, M. Celino, L. Ciupinski, J.B. Correia, A. De Backer, et al.

44     On the Improved Current Pulse method for the thermal diffusive characterization of lithiated ceramic pebble beds - 31 December 2012, F. D’Aleo, P.A. Di Maio, G. Vella

45     Safe, long range, inexpensive and rapidly refuelable hydrogen vehicles with cryogenic pressure vessels - 29 December 2012 - Salvador M. Aceves, Guillaume Petitpas, Francisco Espinosa-Loza, Manyalibo J. Matthews, Elias Ledesma-Orozco

46     The EU fusion programme and roadmap - 27 December 2012

H. Pero, S. Paidassi

47     A unified framework for recommending items, groups and friends in social media environment via mutual resource fusion - 20 December 2012 - Li Chen, Wei Zeng, Quan Yuan

48     Annealing effects on the microstructure and coercive field of two ferritic-martensitic Eurofer steels: a comparative study - 20 December 2012

V.B. Oliveira, M.J.R. Sandim, D. Stamopoulos, R.A. Renzetti, A.D. Santos, H.R.Z. Sandim

49     Activity monitoring of a gaseous tritium source by beta induced X-ray spectrometry - 13 December 2012 - M. Rцllig, F. Priester, M. Babutzka, J. Bonn, B. Bornschein, G. Drexlin, S. Ebenhцch, Ernst W. Otten, M. Steidl, M. Sturm

50     MD simulation of atomic displacement cascades near chromium-rich clusters in FeCr alloy - 8 December 2012 - M. Tikhonchev, V. Svetukhin, E. Gaganidze

51     Ceramics for fusion reactors: The role of the lithium orthosilicate as breeder - 15 November 2012, Elisabetta Carella, Teresa Hernбndez

52     Analytic study of radiation shielding using proton beams in a fusion reactor and a spherical isotropic power reactor (SIPR) - September 2012, Tae Ho Woo

► Using fission and fusion reactors, a new reactor type is analyzed for application as an isotropic power production reactor. ► This study suggests economic improvement by reducing the vessel thickness by changing the geometric design. ► The economic aspect could be improved using the reactor vessel thickness. ► This SIPR gives a better safety system by preventing the power peaking. ► New kind of reactor analysis method is introduced.

3     Fusion energy conversion in magnetically confined plasma reactors  - September 2012, Flavio Dobran

4     Neutronic design analyses for a dual-coolant blanket concept: Optimization for a fusion reactor DEMO - August 2012, I. Palermo, J.M. Gуmez-Ros, G. Veredas, J. Sanz, L. Sedano

5     Effect of outside tritium source on tritium balance of a D-T fusion reactor - August 2012, Masabumi Nishikawa, Hideki Yamasaki, Hideaki Kashimura, Shohei Matsuda


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